Zach Powers

Ricardo Montalban (photo shoot for the first
season of The Colbys)
Series information
Series The Colbys, Dynasty
First appearance "The Celebration" (1985)
Last appearance "Crossroads" (1987)
Portrayed by Ricardo Montalban

Married to

XX Koralis (19??-19??) (her death)
XX XX (19??-1980) (her death)

Romanced with

Alexis Colby (late 70's)
Caress Morell (late 70's)
Sable Colby (1986-1987)

Family links


Spiro Koralis (step-son)


Salvador Zacharias
XX Zacharias


XX Zacharias McAllister


Sean McAllister



 • CEO of Powers Shipping
 • Owner of Titania Records
 • Owner of The Excelsior Hotel
 • Owner of Southwest Syncridine
 • One-third owner of Onishy Electronics


Worked on a yacht

Pablo Zacharias was born as the son of rather poor, but hard-working Spanish people in the thirties. He was still a boy when his father, Salvador, committed suicide because he found himself and his business ruined by the bigger companies, above all the enterprise of Andrew Colby. Pablo, his mother and his sister had hard times, but he survived without losing his pride and swore to avenge his father’s death one day.

As a young man, he got the job as a mate on one of Jason Colby's yachts and entered a cabin unfortunately just at the moment when Jason’s young wife dropped her dress. He was fired by Jason for this incident, but he kept Sable's image in his heart from that day forward. He worked hard and not always with legal and fair means. Pablo changed his name into Zachary Powers, built up his own shipping enterprise and entered the world of the richest men where he was soon known as a dangerous and very clever shark.

The marriage to a rich Greek widow improved Zach's financial situation, but she died mysteriously in an accident on sea. Her son was always convinced that Zach had arranged the incident, but he could never prove anything. Zach knew the Morell sisters, Alexis and Caress, very well, and once had an affair with both of them. In 1980, Zach was a part of Alexis' arrangement to put Caress in jail.

Ever since Zach's sister had grown very ill and had needed permanent care, he paid the hospital fees and looked after her son, Sean McAllister. He tried to use Sean's relationship with Bliss Colby in order to fight Jason, his major adversary, and after the death of some of Jason's workers at the time, he was accused of murder, but no proof turned up.

In 1985, Zach got involved with Sable, but she didn't share his deep passion. Zach fought desperately to keep her for a long time, but their relationship eventually died. He was always the one who was informed about everything before anyone else knew. Furthermore, there was a connection between him and Michael Culhane, Blake's ex-chauffeur who had gained a lot of money since he had been fired, and fronted for him.

Zach has always been a strange, impenetrable man, very charming at the surface, but clever, tricky and ruthless when he was fighting for his concerns. Nobody would ever know what was really going on in his proud, Spanish soul.

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