Wayne Masterson
Wayne Masterson

Gary Morris (photo shoot for the first season
of The Colbys)
Series information
Series The Colbys
First appearance "Fallen Idol" (1986)
Last appearance "Anniversary Waltz" (1986)
Portrayed by Gary Morris

Romanced With

Monica Colby (1986)






Wayne Masterson was a blind country singer whom Monica Colby met in a bar. Impressed, Monica tape recorded one of his songs and presented it to her business associate, Neil Kittredge at Titania Records. Neil was less impressed, but eventually the duo presented Wayne to their boss, Dominique Deveraux.

Wayne began working closely with Monica, who nursed his career. Soon Dominique signed Wayne, and introduced him in her nightclub. Wayne was attracted to Monica, but she did not acknowledge his feelings for him at first, as she was attracted to Neil.

Encouraged by his feelings for Monica, Wayne uses his small fortune he gains from Titania for an operation, which could restore his sight. The operation is a success, and Wayne can see. With his eyes truly "opened", he sees Monica with Neil, and leaves Titania and LA.

Monica was very sorry for this unhappy misunderstanding and surely regretted later having been so blind, for her lover, Neil, turned out to be a disappointment as well.