One of the bad habits the scriptwriters of "Dynasty" and "the Colbys" had sometimes was to forget a storyline they introduced and so they let us with a lot of unanswered questions. In this section, you will find a list of these unsolved mysteries.

# Episode Mystery Photo
01 DY-02.02

Skeleton in the closet:

What is the "dirty secret" Alexis had spoken about to procuror Jake Dunham on the phone before she returned to Denver? It's hard to believe it is related to Fallon (Blake's paternity), it must be something else...

02 DY-03.20

Some shocking news:

Why Alexis was so upset to learn Jeff's marriage with Kirby? She didn't know her yet! Did the writers plan to reveal an unexpected information? (Kirby being the secret child of Alicia Anders and Cecil or Philip Colby for instance)

03 DY-04.02

An unpleasant visitor:

Who is the visitor who tried to murder Alexis while she was in hospital? Could it be Mark Jennings who was released from jail just before it happened? He told Krystle he had something to do that night and later Steven noticed Mark's negative attitude towards Alexis. Blake also suspected Mark to be violent and accused him of trying to kill Alexis and Krystle in the cabin (Joseph was actually guilty). Then, during the Carousel ball, Neal McVane seemed convinced that Jennings attempted to murder Alexis and Mark didn't seem upset by this accusation.

04 DY-05.15

Murderer without a cause:

Why an unidentified person tried to kill (or badly hurt) Krystle in this episode? Is that scene supposed to have something to do with the pictures which were sent to Krystle and Blake? It looks like the writers had concocted a storyline that was soon forgotten...

05 DY-06.20

Sterile investigation:

Sammy Jo sent Morgan Hess in order to find Joel and Rita in South America but it was never revealed if he found them or not. This storyline was supposed to be concluded in "Ben" but the script of this episode was rewritten during the "retooling" of season 6 and the arrest of Joel and Rita by Blake was scrapped.

06 TC-01.20

The bad fortune teller:

During their honeymoon, Fallon and Jeff learnt from a Jamaican fortune teller that "troubles" were about to occur and that there will be "blood". Two episodes ago, Miles seemed to go crazy because of Fallon and Jeff's wedding. It eventually turned out that Miles accept their alliance so the prediction was false.

Rumor had it that the writers had planed to kill Miles at the end of the season. In the story projections of season one, it is indeed mentioned that in the cliffhanger, Miles was supposed to do a death-defying race on Mulholland Drive. His Maserati was to go off the deep end and being smashed up.

The writers must have changed their mind at the last minute and choose another storyline (Fallon's pregnancy). But obviously, they forgot the fortune teller's prediction in the meantime... Oops!

07 DY-06.31

Embarrassing revelations:

When Blake gave copies of Caress' manuscript to some journalists, Alexis seemed mortified that her secrets could be published in the yellow press. However, that never happened. Did the writers forget to develop that storyline?

08 DY-07.01

Two Vera Nesbitt for the price of one:

In season 7's premiere, the woman who called Ben seemed pretty wealthy and confident and she tried to remind Ben about "what the preacher said" (at her "funerals" one can guess). Several episodes later she turned out to be dirty poor and shivered with fear. That woman, Vera, was actually involved in some shady business dealing in Macao with Ben. But according to season 7's bible, it was originally planned for Vera to be a wife of Ben's presumably dead in a murder attempt (a fire or a car crash). She may could have been Leslie's mother.

Also, it seems that the actress who "appeared" in season 7's premiere was not the same than the acress who appeared later. Her voice is completely different.

09 DY-07.05

Occasional dizzy spells:

After her car accident, Krystle started to have dizzy spells but they soon disappeared. It was not until the end of season 8 that they reappeared again. According to the season 7's bible, Krystle was to develop a brain tumor during the season but the storyline was cancelled when Linda Evans signed a new contract in 1987.

10 DY-07.10

Caress' journey:

A few weeks after her return in Denver, Caress left for a mysterious trip in Australia. But it was never revealed what she wanted to find out and IF she found out something. Obviously Caress was supposed to discover some dirty secret about Ben's past. That plan was probably changed because Kate O' Mara was not avalaible when the producers asked her to appear in 4 additional episodes at the end of the season.

11 DY-07.13

Unpredictable weather:

According to an interview of Karen Cellini, the writers wished to kill Amanda in mid season 7 before they changed their mind. It is possible that the premises of that storyline could be found on "The Rig" where Amanda and Michael planned a boat trip on a day when the weather was "unpredictable". Did the writers want to kill Amanda in a accident? A few episodes later, Michael seemed more and more unstoppable and threatened to murder Alexis. And in a cut scene of "A love remembered (2)" Steven called Amanda during the trip and was unable to reach her as Michael refused to let him speak to her. Maybe it could have turned out that Michael had killed Amanda...

12 TC-02.24

A strange attitude:

For no apparent reason, Fallon was suddenly very nervous in the penultimate episode of "The Colbys". She told Jeff that she got the feeling of having lost something and later she seemed terrified because of an anonymous call from some unidentified man. Is that attitude supposed to have some connection with the UFO storyline? (according to the producers Paul Huson and William Bast the abduction was only an hallucination of Fallon).

13 TC-02.24

Channing's little secret:

Channing confessed to Miles that she had had an abortion some years ago because a soccer player had raped her. However, according to her uncle Lucas, that was not the true story. So, what was the truth ?

14 TC-02.25

Scott and the Colbys:

At the end of the ultimate episode of "The Colbys", Sable picked up Scott at school without permission while Zach was watching her. What happened then? Did Sable convince Monica to sue the Cassidys for having the custody of Scott? And what did Zach with what he saw? The only information that was given in season 9 was that Monica has no longer any contact with Cash or Scott.

15 TC-02.25

Channing's baby - abortion or not?: The last we saw her, Channing was calling Miles to tell him she was going to have an abortion.

When Miles returned in "Dynasty" in 1991, no mention was made about his child. Did Channing have an abortion after all?

16 TC-02.25

Francesca and Phillip's fates:

Even though Alexis made some references in season 9 about Jason dumping Sable for her sister and running off with her lately, it was not clearly said if Francesca survived with not injuries or not. Also, in "the Reunion," Jeff explained that Jason was not living anymore in the USA but he didn't specify if Francesca was still with him.

As for Phillip, we never knew if he was injuried in the car accident so his fate remains also mysterious.

17 DY-08.08

Unfinished manuscript:

Caress was not the only family member who wanted to start a career as an author. In season 8, Fallon started to write a book about her experience with the aliens. But the book was quickly forgotten and the whole "UFO" storyline was not mentioned anymore after a while.

18 DY-08.22

Leslie's fate:

What happened to Leslie? The last time she was seen, she was badly injuried in an isolate moutain cabin. One can assume that Steven and Adam called an ambulance for her but it's rather strange that the Carrington cousin was never mentioned again.

19 DY-09.01

Adam and Dana's marriage:

After Dana left in season 9's premiere, it was never revealed if she and Adam officially divorced or not. But since Adam proposed Kirby to marry him in "The Reunion", one can assume he had divorced from Dana between 1988 and 1991.

20 DY-09.11

Adam's baby:

Obviously, the writers were not very interested by Adam in season 9. It was never revealed if the private investigator Adam had hired found out where his baby was. The last time we heard something about it was when Adam talked about this investigation to Virginia.

21 DY-09.20

Skeletons to chance:

Two skeletons were discovered in the basement of the Carringtons' mansion but it was never revealed who were those people. Were they working for Roger Grimes?

22 DY-09.21

A list of names:

Charles Matthews (Dominique's uncle) gave a list of european names to Blake that was given to him by Tom Carrington. It is possible that it was the list of the collection's original owners robbed by the nazis but it was never specified.

Also, it was never said who took the confession letter written by Tom which was missing in the box given by Charles to Blake.

23 DY-09.21

Miles and Monica’s father:

In the penultimate episode of the show, it was revealed that Monica and her twin Miles may not have been Jason's children, as Sable had been raped around the time they were conceived. Sable refused to reveal the identity of the rapist, especially since he died some times ago. But the way she stated that makes it as he was alive though...

The rapist was probably a new character that would have showed up in season 10 but many fans fantasize about the fact that the man could be Roger Grimes (even though it seems that Sable barely knew him) or a Colby : Cecil, Philip (which is not possible as he was sterile) or even Andrew (Jason's father).

Another theory is that Jason is really the father of Miles and Monica after all as in "The Reunion" Miles refered to Jeff as his brother again.

24 DY-09.21

Handler's last trick:

During his secret encounter with Blake, Handler took a hair on his jacket and put it in a plastic bag. One can guess that Handler did that for specific purpose. Possibly, he wanted to state he found the hair on Elsworth Chilsom's dead body in order to imprison Blake if he would refuse to give him the nazi treasure.

25 DY-09.22

A woman and a limo:

Of all the mysteries that were never clear up, that one must be the most famous. Who was the woman in the limo who spoke to Handler in the final episode? Neither her identity was revealed, nor that her name. However, the script identified her as "Elias" which might be her family name. Of course, Mrs. Litton from The Reunion (1991) could be that mysterious woman but there is no obvious proof of that.

26 DY-09.22

The aftermath that never came:

Did Sammy Jo eventually make love with the priest? (OK, not a lot of people really care of that one!)

How Krystina and Fallon escaped from the mine?

Did Sable give birth to her baby?

Did Dex live or die after his fall from the Carlton's balcony? (In "The Reunion" it is said that Dex "didn't fare as well" as Alexis did).

Who shot Handler after all? (as Blake and Zorelli both fired a shot)

Many questions that should have been answered in "the Reunion" but that never were...




Biggest headache ever

For how long Blake and Alexis were married and in which year did they tied the knot seem impossible questions to answer. When Alexis was back in Denver (in January 1981), it was said she had been exiled for 16 years and that she was married to Blake for 9 years. So we can conclude they were married from 1956 to 1965. Then, in season 3, it was said that Adam was kidnapped 25 years ago, in 1957 - a few months after his birth - so it implied that Fallon was born in 1958 and Steven in 1960 (as he is two years younger than her sister). But in the pilot episode Steven was supposed to be 23 (and then 24 later in season 1). Also, in season 2, Alexis said she left Denver 3 days before Steven was 7 so he would be supposed to be born in 1958 if she left town in 1965...

Things got even more complicated when Amanda, 20 years-old, popped up in Denver in 1984. If she was born in 1964, it means Blake and Alexis divorced in 1963. That's why it was said in season 5 that their marriage lasted 7 years (and not 9). However, in season 9, 1965 was mentionned again as the year Alexis left Denver. At least, the date for their wedding didn't change during the show's tenure.

Unfortunately, as it wasn't already very confusing, The Authorized Biography of the Carringtons gave alternative dates. In the book, it is said that Blake and Alexis married in 1954 and divorced 11 years later !

What we can eventually conlude is that Blake and Alexis were married for 9 years - as it is the first length mentioned in Dynasty and also the perfect mix between 7 and 11 years - but only 7 full years : from late 1954 to early 1963, from late 1955 to early 1964 or from late 1956 to early 1965... The first option seems quite logical and thus Adam would be born in 1955, Fallon in 1956, Steven in 1958 and Amanda in 1964. But this solution implied that Alexis was exiled for 18 years (from October 1963 to January 1981) rather than 16.
The last option would be coherent with the original version given in the show but that would suggest that some characters are actually younger than what had been established : Adam would be born in 1957, Fallon in 1958, Steven in 1960 and Amanda in 1966.


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