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This section is dedicated to the amusing little “mistakes” and other small, strange things from “Dynasty” and “The Colbys”, that are worth remarking. It is not meant to be bad critic, although some of them really shouldn’t have happened. However, the fans of the show will be lenient and look back at them with a smile. The section is written by Andy König.


Dynasty - actor`s bloopers & funs

“Amnesia forever?” Officially, Fallon’s amnesia started after she had run away before her wedding in 1984. She forgot Jeff and her family, and one of the things which never came back to her mind was the fact that she used to be jealous of women with whom she had to share her father’s love. At least it didn’t seem as though she bore her new sister Amanda any grudges, when she met her in episode 153 (anyway, a very strange happening: Amanda #2 meets Fallon #2). A fact which she also seemed to have forgotten was, that she had used Michael Culhane then at least as much as he had used her and that the Blake’s strange story that Michael had seduced and dumped her was complete nonsense. It was also a very funny moment, when Fallon told Zorelli, that she didn’t like men with dark hair. Remember, except for Miles, there were only dark haired men in Fallon’s life; Michael Culhane, Jeff Colby, Mark Jennings, Peter de Vilbis to Nick Toscanni. Well, maybe she just tried to repress bad experiences. Anyway, all that was after her accident. A rather mysterious fact is that Fallon had also managed to “forget” the murder of Roger Grimes, which she had committed at the age of seven. A little bit fantastic. It is hard to imagine that even the feisty Fallon from “Dynasty”’s beginning had experienced and repressed such a horrible event all along.

“Brainwashing?” “The Reunion” surprised all of us with a lot of strange “solutions” and developments. Kirby Aynders was a well known character from the past, but strangely enough the young woman didn’t really remember what was going on then. Jeff, who hadn’t seen her for years, didn’t even say “hello” after she had saved him together with Miles and Jeff; Blake, who had always been like a father to her, had suddenly become “Mr. Carrington” again, and actually she didn’t even remember what exactly Alexis had done to her in order to make her leave Denver in 1984. The most amazing fact was, that she didn’t even think about her family. She didn’t even mention her bad brother Sean, who had tried to kill Alexis and Blake a couple of years before, and she even told Adam that her mother had died 15 years ago and seemed to have forgotten how and when her father died, since she did not oppose when Adam claimed that he never knew him.

“We are international!” It is fascinating how well the casting of both shows had partly been done, according to the actor’s looks at least. The funny divergence of the accents was another story....

  • Blake and Ben Carrington looked like perfect siblings. But while John Forsythe was American, Christopher Cazenove was British.
  • Cecil and Jason Colby were quite resembling, but Charlton Heston was American like the rest of his TV siblings Barbara Stanwyck and Michael Parks, Lloyd Bochner had a rather British accent.
  • Sable and Francesca Scott looked like sisters, but Stephanie Beacham was British and Katharine Ross American.
  • A strange change happened to Fallon and Amanda, when their characters were replaced by two other actors. Both of them changed their accent: Fallon, originally America, gained an British accent during her absence from Denver and Amanda skipped her British accent and started talking American after her cat fight with Sammy Jo in 1986.

“No ado about anybody” Some people said that they loved “Dynasty” and “The Colbys” as they had never got who was who and married to whom. Small wonder, not even the characters themselves were very good at this and kept trying to forget each other as well and quickly as possible.

Ben’s daughter Leslie, e.g., had a quite big role during season 8 of “Dynasty”, when she started imitating Alexis and got involved with Sean Rowan and the kidnapping of Adam’s son. Nevertheless, the last time that we saw and heard of Leslie was in the cliff-hanger of season 8, when Steven and Adam found her, badly beaten up by Sean. Not only did they just leave her alone in the house, she was never ever mentioned again later.

Almost the same happened to Blake and Alexis’ daughter Amanda. Remember the fuss that was made about her royal wedding to Prince Michael of Moldavia and her outrageous affair with her stepfather Dex? Even when Catherine Oxenberg’s part was taken over by Karen Cellini at the beginning of “Dynasty”s seventh season, Amanda shocked the family with her affair with driver Michael Culhane, but then suddenly, from one episode to the other, she was missing and all that was said about her was she had not been able to choose between Blake and Michael and that she needed some time for herself. Miraculously both Blake and Alexis accepted this decision and very soon afterwards they spoke again about their “three” children: Adam, Steven and Fallon. Not even “The Reunion” gave us a clue about Amanda’s destiny.

The way how the producers of “Dynasty” handled Sable and Monica Colby was sort of mysterious. At least Sable had a major part in the final season, she eventually had even more scenes than Alexis and her destiny at the end of episode 218 was as open as Alexis’. But against everybody’s assumption “The Reunion” ignored both her and Monica completely. This was even more confusing, since Miles was part of “The Reunion” and didn’t even say a word about his sister or mother.

Jeff had always has a quite strange relationship to his own family in California. In the beginning of “Dynasty” he even ignored them in the first place, in California he fought against them most of the time, and when he was just about to get used to them, he left “The Colbys” - and did not mention a further word about their fate, apart from the few remarks which were mentioned when Monica and Sable came to Denver. He did not even mention what had happened to his mother after her bad accident with Philip, and neither did Fallon, who had been kidnapped by an UFO - as she said - during her search for Frankie in the desert. Sie didn’t even ask Jeff afterwards if they had found her or not. What a caring, happy family....

“Vanity?” A woman’s age is a secret - and in case of emergency she always gets younger, never older. That’s at least what the Carringtons and Colbys had proved to us several times.

Fallon said at the beginning, when her mother came back 16 years after leaving her, that she had to get along alone ever since she was eight. So one might suppose that she was about 24 in 1981 and Jeff sort of confirmed that, when he was searching for Fallon in Bolivia and told Nicole about an American girl in the end of her twenties, whom he supposed to be Fallon. But, no, he and we were wrong! Fallon’s medical file said in 1985: age 25. And Alexis mentioned in 1989 that Fallon was about 5 when Roger Grimes was killed. How nice to have a mother who covers your little lies...

The most incredible case in this respect was Sable and her sister Frankie. It was kind of strange that the younger actress (Beacham, *August 21st 1949) had to play the older sister and the older actress (Ross,*January 29th 1942) was casted for the role of the younger sister. The whole thing was intrinsically far away from being logical. They said that Frankie was left by her husband Philip when she was 18 (when he joined the Vietnam war), had then a one night stand with Jason and gave birth to Jeff in about 1957/58. Thus, in 1985, she must have been at least 46. According to the way they had been made look, Sable was supposed to be even considerably older, at least five years (they even tried to indicate that by dying some grey highlights into her hair). Nevertheless, when she turned up in Denver in 1989, she was supposed to get pregnant by Dex and - oops! - even the “Dynasty” producers woke up at this point - looked at least a decade younger than five years before. All facts considered, it seems wiser to suppose that Sable was logically the younger sister. The allusion of Sable that she was involved with Philip before he fell in love with Frankie was a nice story, but does not really fit into the whole concept (since Jason claimed that he and Sable did not know each other before he got involved with Frankie).

But not only the women did not really remember how old they were in relation to whom. Jason Colby had this problem too, once at least. When he gave Jeff his precious watch for his wedding in 1986, he told him that he had got it from his father, Andrew, at his wedding day because he had been the eldest son. What a pity that this nostalgic anecdote did not correspond with the fact that before and after this remark everybody talked about Cecil being the first born of the Colby brothers.

“Big kids” While the adult family members tended to “get younger” as time went by, the children had a considerable speed in growing up.

Fallon’ and Jeff’s son, LB, was born in 1982 and celebrated his 2nd birthday only some weeks before his mother disappeared in 1984 in order to turn up again in California in 1985. In 1986 he caught meningitis, but before the doctor recognized the disease, he assumed that the little boy had just some problems with some new teeth, which is usual for children aged six.... LB’s little aunt (!), Krystina Carrington, was similarly quick in growing up. She was born only some weeks before Christmas in 1984, but then, suddenly, she turned three long before Christmas in 1987 (only a little while after Blake had lost his memory and shortly after Fallon’s daughter Lauren had been born in California (who had been conceived in July 1986, according to the doctor’s report).

“All-round-talents” The people in “Dynasty” weren’t only beautiful. Some of them were even real all-round- talents.

Roger Grimes, e.g., Alexis’s unlucky lover who caused Blake such a lot of trouble in the end, was Carrington’s estate manager, due to what was said about him during Blake’s trial in 1981. He was also said to be Blake’s architect, according to what they said later when his body was found. Not too bad for a man with such a bad character. The same goes for Tony Driscoll. The good looking young man was supposed to look after Blake’s gardens, before he managed the Carrington-Stables.

“Old Grudges” Not only Alexis seemed constantly unable to forget anything somebody else had ever done to her. Also Steven and Sammy Jo had that problem in “The Reunion” and a little bit more. It seemed quite strange that Steven suddenly was so angry with his father again and accused him of being against his homosexual life style. And he had obviously forgotten that his father had accepted his life style long ago, and that he had left Denver in 1988 because of not being able to cope either with having murdered Matthew nor with making up his mind which life style he’d prefer. Sammy Jo in had obviously forgotten how well they were getting along before Steven had left and treated him like an enemy. Well, maybe her tight jeans had messed up her mind temporarily...

“The Magic of Art” Art was always an inseparable component of the Carringtons’ and Colbys’ lives. And one of the most amusing (or confusing?) matters for the audience. Remember, for instance, Fallon’s beautiful portrait that Blake had got from Krystle for Christmas after Fallon’s death? It was quite a “magical” piece of work, especially since the face in it changed after 15 episodes “slightly” and very discretely from Pamela Sue Martin to something that was supposed to be similar to Emma Samms. Well, at least we recognized the red dress and the necklace...

“Don’t remember Mama?” Even if Blake was always very caring and loving when he talked about his late mother, he seemed to have some problems with the details of the circumstances and the date of her death. In 1981 he told Fallon that his mother had died when he was four. Five years later he was accused of having caused his mother’s death by abandoning her in a fire when he was working in an oil rig.

“We didn’t count the years.” The marriages of the Carringtons and the Colbys were something everybody got confused about. Including the people who were involved in those marriages, for they always seemed to have problems to remember how long the happiness or the agony had lasted.

  • Blake and Alexis were married nine years, according to what both said, when Alexis returned to Denver. Strangely enough, those nine years faded away into seven years, when Amanda turned up...
  • Sable and Jason Colby constantly had similar difficulties concerning their conjugal connection, they always varied between 29, 28 and 27 years of being married, without any logical chronology...
  • Also Fallon and Jeff had probably spent such a lot of time together, that they did not really remember anymore how well or how long they knew each other or how long their several marriages (3!) lasted. At the beginning it seemed that they only knew each other from a summer camp when they were 14, but later they were said to have been growing up together as children and even dating each other as teens. Their first marriage lasted hardly two years (1980-1982), the second one not much longer (1986-1988). Nevertheless Jeff claimed already in 1988 that they had been married for seven years. After their divorce in 1988 they stayed apart, but in 1991 (“The Reunion”), they were married again, and thinking of a new divorce. This means that they must have remarried sometime between 1989 and 1991. Anybody keeping up?
  • Dex Dexter obviously got so crazy about Alexis that he tried to extend the time they were together, at least in his imagination. He told her in 1988 that he had spent the last eight years of his life following her. Unfortunately he had turned up in Denver only in 1983....

“Distraction Manoeuvres?” It was a sad moment, when Krystle fell from the horse and lost her first baby. The explanation for the incident: Krystle had just started riding lessons after marrying Blake and was not too good at riding, not good enough to remain on the horse when Alexis shot... It was a little bit puzzling that Krystle years later told Sarah Curtis that she had grown up on her grandmother’s farm and had always been involved with horse riding...

“Haircutting scissors and hair-dye” Some of the most funny mistakes happened where clothes and hair styling were concerned, although the reasons for these “slips” were always obvious: either the not chronological shooting of scenes or hiatus, which the actors often used to choose their looks.

Nevertheless, it was funny that Fallon had her usual centre parting, when she watched her mother coming into the courtroom in the cliff-hanger of season 1, while at the beginning of episode 1 of season 2 - only some minutes later in “Dynasty”’s reality - fringes! - Which proves that it is always useful to have a pair of haircutting scissors in your purse.

Fallon also proved that not only the length of her hair was perfectly variable, but also the color which she changed frequently and very spontaneously ever since Emma Samms had taken over the part. She was sometimes just a little bit too spontaneous in this respect. In episode 196 she went into Jeff’s bedroom with red, rather short hair, but when she went out again in episode 197, they were brown and long. Thanks goodness she took at least the right dress out with her...

Alexis had permanent problems with her hairstyling. Quite often, she wore a short curly hair cut in one scene and a smooth pony tail in the next one. Cliff-hangers were also an obstacle. When she watched Dex and Sean fighting in episode 196, her hair was short, in episode 197, seconds later, they had grown at least 5 cm in the neck. - The shock perhaps?

Constancy wasn’t a strength of “The Colbys” either. Apart from the fact that they didn’t ever seem to be really sure how old Sable was supposed to be, they obviously weren’t sure either if they should maintain her grey highlights or not, since they frequently appeared, disappeared, grew stronger and weaker within one episode sometimes, together with her age changing make up.

“Wishful thinking” Philip Colby was one of the most mysterious figures of the whole concept. In the beginning in “Dynasty”, we learned that he had died in the Korean war, that Andrew Laird had even been present when his body had been brought back and that he had been buried in the Colby mausoleum in Denver, where Jeff visited him once with Little Blake. The relatives in Los Angeles told another story (and Jeff as well later), namely that Philip had never returned from Vietnam and that he was thought to be dead. Of course he was not dead and returned in 1987 to California, not as Jeff’s father but as his (sterile) uncle, and he disappeared as suddenly as he had turned up after a really nasty accident with Frankie. Nothing was further mentioned about him...

In the beginning of “Dynasty” Jeff claimed that his uncle Cecil was his only living relative. A little bit exaggerated, considering the fact that there were still six living Colbys in California, but remembering how much love had been lost between all of them…we understand you, Jeff, don’t we?

Blake had always seen something special in his daughter Fallon, even if she was selfish, moody, forward and caused him lots of problems with her madness about good looking men, her expensive cars and horses and her unbelievably outrageous tongue. Fallon was a stubborn, spoilt brat, and he knew it - until he came to California to see his daughter whom he had believed to be dead and who did not remember either him nor her own name. The description he gave “Randall Colby” about his daughter Fallon as a beautiful, sensitive woman, who had been hurting herself, when somebody else had been suffering was quite nice and gentle - but did Blake really believe Fallon would recognize herself in this distorted portrait of her own character?

When Lauren Colby was born in California, she was in a very critical condition for some time, and Jeff told his brother Miles that he had gone through something quite similar before with LB. He made it sound like though the doctors had told him then right after the delivery that they had had to operate LB’s heart. But this operation, in fact, had taken place a couple of days after LB’s birth with the consent of his parents. Anyway, in the night of LB’s birth, Jeff wasn’t at the hospital, but with Claudia Blaisdel... Still a guilty conscience, Jeff?

“Family Property” Have you ever wondered why rich people are rich? Right, they are economic at the right occasion - and concerning the appropriate things. Fallon’s big golden mirror from the 2nd intro of Pamela Sue Martin didn’t turn up again when she was first replaced by Emma Samms, but we saw it again in season 7 when Alexis and Krystle had an argument in a clothing store before the black and white ball. And indeed, later it went back into the new intro for Emma Samms. Morning gowns were also items of inheritance. Fallon’s blue morning gown, e.g. was later worn by Amanda (#2), and her white one was passed on to Amanda (#1). Also, there was a strange similarity between the beige transparent dress Frankie wore at Sable’s gala and the one Caress wore in her intro...

“Don’t miss your cue!” Filming is an exhausting business and even more strenuous since everybody has to remember exactly their cues in the lines. But what do you do, if you do remember your cue, but you don’t manage to get your trial files back into your briefcase properly? No problem, just stuff them into the bag, nobody cares, it’s just paper! Ask Tracy Scoggins (“Dynasty” episode 214 - Sins of the Father...)

“Disfigurement” Rich people are also concerned by the destruction and disfigurement of nature. Just remember Fallon’s favorite tree in Blake’s garden, on which she climbed in episode 16, telling Jeff pensively how dear it was to her and that this was the place where she felt save and well when being a child. When he found her there again in 1987, Fallon was again (or still?) pensive, but the tree had ”slightly” changed its shape....

“Every picture tells a story” Photos are something lovely - and magical like portraits sometimes.

In season 9, we saw several times the baby photo of Adam’s son and we were kind of astonished to see Krystle showing the same picture to Krystina in episode 204, telling her that this picture of her had been taken the day she had been born. A joke, probably, even more since Krystina had been a premature birth, as we remember, and certainly nobody was in the mood to take photos at this day.

Fallon always loved to change everything about her, her moods, her name, her figure, her lovers and the color of her hair. Obviously she had started with this manner long before she had grown up: The picture of her as a child, which Blake is looking at once in 1982 is quite different from that he looks at years later around 1989.

The most popular picture of Fallon must be the one that was supposed to be taken before she ran away (Emma Samms in a white pullover, happily smiling). Jeff kept a copy of it in his album and on his desk, Blake and Alexis each a copy in their offices and Miles one in his purse. Although it is questionable how he got a hold of the old picture, it is not very likely that Jeff kept the negative and gave it to him.

"You live just twice" “Dynasty” and “The Colbys” were lavish of clothes and jewellery, but really economical as far as the casting was concerned.

  • In 1983 we met David Hedison as Dex’s father Sam Dexter from Wyoming. Two years later he had turned into Frankie’s British boy friend Lord Roger Langdon.
  • Rich Billy Waite from Caracas, played by Kevin McCarthy, who had let Blake down for Alexis, turned up again in the Colbys as Channing’s uncle Lucas Carter.
  • Tracy Kendal’s lover and Krystle’s predecessor at Denver Carrington Bill Rockwell, played by Peter White later turned into Sable’s tricky lawyer Arthur Cates.
  • Blake’s friend McFadden, played by Ivan Bonar, united as Reverent Carlton Alexis and Cecil in holy marriage and moved later to California as the Colby butler Henderson Palmer.
  • Ben Marino never really left “Dynasty”, he always turned somewhere up as a bailiff or a security guard.

“All the wrong tones” We should already have guessed it, when Jeff confused the opera “Carmen” with Jack Harmon in “Dynasty”’s fourth episode, “Fallon’s wedding”: The Carringtons and Colbys (or rather the producers?), are many things - but not musical, maybe except for Steven, Kirby and Dominique.

  • Three times we witnessed the scene of the spontaneous wedding trip of Blake’s spoilt little daughter, and three times we heard a different melody. In episode 4, it was really “Carmen”, but when Jeff remembered the scenes in episode 77 after Fallon’s car accident, the melody had completely changed. Finally, Jeff tried to surprise Fallon during their second honeymoon flight in the Colbys episode 19 with „the same music“ - which was neither the first nor the second variant - and not even Jack Harmon.
  • Sable Colby and Dex Dexter didn’t do much better. When they met the first time in Los Angeles, they danced a rumba together - but obviously didn’t realise it, as when they danced together later in Denver, Sable reminded him of this first dance and added: “It’s a tango, too.” - and he didn’t oppose. Well, maybe love makes not only blind...

“Names are not important” The Carringtons and Colbys were always very special as far as names were concerned. So special that the producers sometimes got confused with them:

  • Dominique’s real name was Millie Cocks and her mother’s name Laura Cocks, as she said when she turned up in Denver in 1984. But when the Grimes-story came up again, Laura’s family name was suddenly Matthews and there was a brother of hers called Charles Matthews. Well, at least we can here draw the more or less logical conclusion that Laura’s maiden name had been Matthews and that she had been married to somebody called Cocks before Dominique was born. After all, the Carringtons and Colbys spend their whole lives marrying somebody.
  • Krystle’s first husband who was always simply called Mark gained names, the longer he was in the series. When Alexis made Morgan Hess track him down, they were talking about a Samuel Mark Jennings, but when Sergeant Cooper arrested Alexis, it was for the murder of Mark Howard Jennings. But who cares, we can assume that either the cop of the private investigator had screwed up and just failed to find out one of the names. Since it was the first name in one case and the last one in the other, it still fits quite well together, so that we finally had a Samuel Mark Howard Jennings. Fine, why should only Alexis and Francesca be allowed to “collect” new names (Alexis Morell-Carrington-Colby-Dexter-Rowan / Francesca Scott-Colby-Hamilton-Langdon-Colby)?
  • It might have been Fallon’s bad pronunciation, but if not, Michael Culhane, Blake’s chauffeur and spy, also got another name when he returned in 1986 after having been fired in 1981. When Fallon tried to find him in season 2, she asked for Michael Culhanan. Well, maybe the handwriting on her notes was really bad...

“Trivia we don’t talk about” There is only one way how one can manage life and its difficulties: One must set up priorities and learn not to make fuss about unimportant things but forget them instead, or both. The Carringtons and Colbys obviously tried that method, even if their priorities were sometimes kind of puzzling.

  • When Alexis broadcast the fact that Miles and Monica were not Jason’s children, Sable wondered anxiously how she should break those great news to Miles. As we learned in “The Reunion”, she never ever did, since Miles still claimed to be Jason’s son and did not seem very interested in what had become of his mother and his sister. Well, you can’t discuss everything and care about anything in family life...
  • Matthew Blaisdel was basically a nice, very unlucky guy - until he returned “from death” and kidnapped the whole Carrington family in order to persuade Krystle to come with him to South America. He also remembered his former friendship with Steven, his aversion against Blake and he even asked where Fallon was - but forgot somehow to ask what had happened to his wife Claudia...
  • Blake was always aware of the fact that his enemy, Cecil Colby, was the richer and more powerful one of them, but he also emphasized the fact that he had built up his company with his own hands’ work, while Cecil had just taken over the oil empire of his father. Cecil never opposed, although he could have done so by answering that he had to built up his company on his own as well, since his father had cut him off, as we learned from Conny Colby some years later. Embarrassment or modesty?
  • If there was one perfect couple in “Dynasty”, it was Krystle and Blake. They obviously loved each other so much, that they didn’t consider it as necessary to remember after Krystle’s return from Lausanne that they were not married anymore, due to their divorce, which was executed in 1989 according to Krystle’s wish before he surgery. Love changes everything...

“Perfectly imperfect” There were several flashbacks which were mainly supposed to introduce the new actors of old characters. A well meant idea - and even better if they had bothered to get the old scenarios out of the basement before shooting.

  • The first scene Emma Samms did as Fallon, was the flashback of the love scene between her and Jeff in Montana. Apart from the missing resemblance with Pamela Sue Martin, the outfit was perfect, the same blouse, the same skirt, the same room. Just the text was not quite the same...
  • Before Jack Coleman was officially introduced as Steven #2, they showed a flashback of the scene where he quarreled with the whole family. It was done again with Jack Coleman, who turned the back to the camera. Maybe this one was the most unnecessary flashback, since they had an explanation for Steven’s new looks anyway. There was no need to get the audience slowly used to him or his new hair styling.
  • A really fascinating flashback was the one which was shown in “The Colbys”, when Fallon finally remembered what had happened on the night of her planned wedding with Jeff. Perfection almost everywhere; the fireplace, the flowers, the dress, the maids and the room. Only Fallon’s hairstyling was different and the rings were white and not red like in the original. In fact, until she sent the girls away, the lines were right as well. But then she suddenly doesn’t look into the mirror, she doesn’t start to feel dizzy and she doesn’t tear the veil off her head... Instead, Adam enters the room - who had been in another scene downstairs originally at this moment and who had accidentally “lost” his white flower in the button whole of his jacket.
  • When Michael Culhane returned to Denver in 1986, he remembered in a flashback how Fallon (now Emma Samms and not Pamela Sue Martin) had found him in her bathtub during the wedding of her father in 1980. Well, Fallon still wore some white clothes and Michael still held a glass with champagne in his had - differently shaped as the original, but anyway. The funny thing about this scene was that everything seemed to be set up like a mirror image of the original. The dialogue is almost perfectly the same - until Michael is dipped under the water by Fallon. In version one, Fallon had warned him not to mess with her again and ordered him harshly to bring her car around, but in version two he answered her warning and turned out to be the one who had “won” that battle. - Maybe his interpretation of the story?

“Losing face” During the 9 years of “Dynasty”, 6 of the main actors changed their looks more or less miraculously.

  • The first - and most logical - change happened to Steven Carrington. During an explosion on an oil rig, his face was burnt and had to be reconstructed by a Chinese doctor in Singapore. The only not logical thing about it was that he lost his curls as well..
  • The second change happened much more sudden, and was much more striking. One day when Jeff stared at the portrait of his late wife Fallon, the girl’s face had changed. When we saw Fallon herself in the following scene, we realised that it was not only her face, but the whole person, her height, her accent and, as “The Colbys” revealed somewhat later, her character as well. The amnesia must really have gotten to her!
  • Fallon’s younger and long lost sister Amanda suffered an almost even more sudden change, practically during a cat fight with Sammy Jo in the pool of La Mirage. At least her hair kept its colour and she her height, but she changed her accent and her character as well...without amnesia...
  • Dex’s father Sam Dexter changed not only concerning his looks, but also concerning his age, although it was not that striking, since he was not too often on screen. We saw him during a board meeting of Denver-Carrington in 1983. When he turned up again after three years in 1987, his not only his hair had turned grey, but he had gained about 20 years in age.
  • Adam’s change theoretically took three years - but practically it was no time for the audience and very surprising, when they were confronted with his new face in 1991 (“The Reunion”). At least he kept some of his typical features, but his character had lost its gloomy malignancy.
  • Bart Fallmont was not a regular on the show, but when we saw him again in 1991, we hardly recognized the guy who had been introduced as Buck Fallmont’s gay son in 1986.

“Not even diamonds last forever“ The Carrington and Colby women always wore beautiful jewellery, which seemed to have taken over the habit of changing their looks from their owners.

  • The emerald necklace which Krystle had sold at the beginning in order to help Matthew had changed its shape, when Matthew took it out of Krystle’s safe in 1987 and gave it to Jeanette.
  • Kind of the same happened to the diamond necklace that Fallon had got from Jeff sometime before she ran away and which she was wearing at their engagement party in Denver. It was clear that the jewellery, which had been pawned by her and released by Jeff later in L.A., was supposed to be the same one, but it looked somehow different. Just like Fallon.

“The man who died twice” In contrast to the many people who didn’t remain really dead after their deaths, Roger Grimes, Alexis’s lover, died even twice. At the beginning, district attorney Jake Dunham had told Alexis that Grimes had died two months before he asked her to come to Denver, so that she didn’t have anything to fear when she came back to witness against Blake. She said that Blake had surprised them and injured Grimes seriously with a candelabrum, before he had thrown her out. Later, when Amanda turned up, she and Blake introduced the story that they had tried to reconcile after this incident for some time, while Roger had been in hospital. But at last, Blake had thrown his wife out finally, and when Grimes’ body eventually floated up another five years later, they found out that he had been killed in the sixties and Alexis remembered that a very healthy and not injured Roger Grimes had refused to take her with him after Blake had caught them in bed and thrown her out. The conclusion that might make up for this faux pas, is that Blake caught Alexis and Grimes the first time, indeed beat Roger up so that he had to spend some weeks in hospital, tried to reconcile with Alexis but remained jealous and finally caught the recovered Grimes and Alexis in bed again after which he threw both of them out. Grimes refused to take Alexis with him, beat her, was shot by Fallon and “buried” by Tom. Jake Dunham didn’t have a clue what had happened to him, when he summoned Alexis, he just told her the story about Grimes’ death in order to help him winning his case...

“Keeping up-dated” Isn’t it wonderful, if your family looks after you 24 hours a day? And that they always have a video camera ready to shoot special events for nice family evenings like in “The Reunion”? Blake was obviously very scrupulous in this respect. If it wasn’t for his accuracy, we would never have been able to witness Fallon’s and Jeff’s 4th engagement kiss. He also shot Fallon and Sammy Jo’s cat fight in the mud (“Dynasty” episode 201) and the embarrassing fitting of Krystle and Alexis with the same dress (“Dynasty” episode 43). Isn’t it amazing that Blake was really keen enough to get every move of his family recorded and yet missed more important events?

“Solution without solution” “The Reunion” was supposed to be the answer to the many questions that were left after “Dynasty”’s end of 1989. It was good that they told us so, since we would never have found out by ourselves that this was the purpose. Of course, we vaguely learned what had become of some of the main characters, but concerning the most important questions, we could only guess or assume what had happened.

  • Krystina and Fallon had been trapped in the mine, after Fallon had fired a bullet at Dennis Grimes. We know that they both survived, but we didn’t get a clue about who had saved them and if Grimes was really dead.
  • Blake and Captain Handler had shot each other and we know that Blake had to take the blame for it and to go to jail, but the connection with the nazi-treasure had got totally lost, all they said was that some people had turned up and just taken it away. And strangely enough, nobody said anything if it had ended up in the feared scandal because of which Blake, Jeff and Dex had tried to keep the matter hidden in the first place.
  • Dex and Alexis had fallen down the gallery in the Carton hotel, when Dex was pushed by Adam during their fight. Alexis survived, as we know, and miraculously didn’t even bear her son any grudge for it, let alone press charges against him for attempted murder. As far as Dex is concerned, it was only said that Alexis fell on him and that he didn’t “fare that well”, whatever this was supposed to mean. Anyway, she didn’t even mention him in any way.
  • Sable Colby and her daughter, Monica, were deeply involved in the affair with the nazi-treasure as well as Dex and Blake. Sable even expected Dex’s child, when he suffered that terrible accident in the Carlton, but the “Reunion” didn’t give a clue about what had happened to them after the disaster. Not even Miles mentioned if his mother had kept the child or where she and Monica had gone. It seemed anyway as though they had never met in the meantime, since Miles didn’t even know that he was not a Colby.