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Second Season

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Season The Colbys, Season 2
Num of episodes 24
Network ABC
First aired 1986-09-24
Last aired 1987-03-26
Ratings 64th place (11.9)
10,400,600 households
DVD edition Shout! Factory
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In the second season, Jason manages to divorce Sable and plans to marry Francesca, but the presumed-dead Philip reappears alive.

Previously romantically linked to both Zach's nephew and former stepson, Bliss falls in love with a Russian dancer watched by the KGB, the son Monica had given up eight years before reenters her life, and Constance and Hutch are killed after a plane crash in India.

At the end of the season, Miles' wife Channing phones to say she will abort their unborn baby, Sable kidnaps Monica's son, Francesca seemingly dies after a car crash involving herself and Philip, and Fallon, stranded in the desert, is seemingly abducted by aliens in the finale.

The show's most infamous cliffhanger proved to be its last when the series was subsequently cancelled.

Long summaries written by Andy Koenig.
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25. The Gathering Storm
Sable appears at the airport with a bruised face---and plans to foil Jason's attempt to leave town with Francesca; a ranger finds Monica at the site of her plane crash; Fallon fears that Miles may be the father of her unborn child.

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26. No Exit

Sable plans for a showdown with Jason, puts herself in an awkward position with Moretti and feels used after going to Zach for help; Dominique makes financial arrangements to help Blake.

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27. Jason's Choice

Sable uses her children to stay on at the mansion, then rolls out the red carpet for Channing, who is busy working her wiles on Miles; Jeff and Fallon plan a getaway to resolve their problems; Zach threatens Jason.

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28. The Matchmaker

Sable plays matchmaker to ensure that Miles gets his share of the family fortune; Zach encourages Sable to take her fight with Jason into the board room; Monica is lured back to Colby Enterprises.

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29. Something Old, Something New

Sable and Lucas try to dissuade Miles and Channing from going through with their hasty plans; a former senator, brought in to help Jason launch his new space-satellite project, complicates life for Monica; Bliss learns why Nikolai must be cautious.

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30. The Gala

Monica fears a secret from her past has come back to haunt her; Miles and Sable pressure Channing to start a family; the star dancer attends the gala celebration for the Colby Dance Theater; Zach advises Sable to finagle a seat on the board in her divorce settlement.

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31. Bloodlines

Sable pries into Miles' marital troubles, then squeezes Channing's shameful secret out of him; Fallon's baby is a sensitive subject for everyone; Cash's wife reappears in Monica's life; and Kolya persists in dating Bliss, despite threats from Sacha.

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32. Deceptions

Sable causes a family feud, which splits loyalties between Jeff and Miles; Anna warns Bliss that her involvement with Kolya could halt his dancing career and get him sent back to the USSR; Jason discovers a leak at Colby Enterprises.

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33. And Baby Makes Four

Jeff struggles to keep Miles from falling off the roof of Colby Towers; Fallon makes it clear that she'll make the decision about her pregnancy; an intruder sets off the alarms at the Colby estate; Monica and Cash's young son have an instant affection.

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34. Bid for Freedom

Bliss hopes her father's international contacts can prevent her lover from being whisked out of the country; on a ski getaway, Jeff and Fallon find unwanted company at the family's lodge; Zach's proposal throws Sable; and Adrienne begs Jason to take Cash off the IMOS project.

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35. Sanctuary

With Kolya and Anna's freedom at stake, Jason calls a press conference, which jeopardizes his IMOS project with the Soviets; an emergency spurs Jeff and Miles into action at the snowbound ski lodge; Channing exposes her true feelings about the baby.

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36. Reaching Out

Monica has nightmares over her recent discovery; Jason receives troubling news about his sister Connie in New Delhi; Kolya fears the worst when he is unable to reach his family in Moscow; Zach loses his leverage with Cash; Sable claims it will behoove Miles to get along with Channing---for the baby's sake.

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37. Power Plays

Sable goes behind Monica's back in her race to present Jason with a grandchild, brings in a new dance partner for Kolya and attends her first board meeting; Jason is accused of selling out to the Soviets; Jeff and Miles reach a dead end in their search for Connie in New Delhi.

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38. The Legacy

Jeff and Miles return from Nepal with disturbing news for Jason; Sable forgives Connie after Miles is given a taste of power; Bliss and Kolya's relationship is tested by the seductive Georgina; a stranger stalks Jason.

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39. The Home-Wrecker

The family beefs up security after a sniper takes aim at Jason; Fallon and Jeff have it out over Fallon's yearning to become more active, despite her delicate condition; Cash delivers heartbreaking news to his family; Kolya moves to regain Bliss's trust; and Zach forces Sable to make an important decision.

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40. Manhunt

A disappearance unites the Colbys temporarily and reveals a family secret; Jason and Francesca gear up for an IMOS conference; Bliss reels over a recent discovery; Kolya asks a favor of Sable; and Jeff probes Hoyt Parker's background as he investigates Connie's death.

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41. All Fall Down

A life hangs in the balance after an assassin takes aim during the IMOS conference; Monica stands by her man despite opposition from Adrienne; Francesca and Sable come closer to becoming brides; a mysterious investor gains a foothold at Colby Enterprises; Fallon falls prey to Channing's hostility.

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42. Guilty Party

Accusing eyes are fixed on Channing after the tragic mishap on the stairs; Jeff intercepts a call for Hoyt Parker; critical news awaits Miles, Jeff and Fallon; Sable puts Zach on hold.

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43. Fallon's Baby

The Colby newcomer struggles for life on a respirator, while Jeff and Miles await news of the baby's paternity; Jason and Francesca make wedding plans; Sable paints Adrienne as an unfit mother to bolster Monica's claim on Scott; and Hoyt digs into Colby family history.

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44. Answered Prayers

As Jason and Francesca's wedding nears, Sable tries to change Jason's mind and Francesca tries to make peace with her sister, but lingering doubts and an enigmatic visitor endanger the long-awaited ceremony; Channing and Miles renew hopes for a miracle; Jeff suspects Hoyt is an imposter.

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45. Return Engagement

The unexpected wedding guest tests Francesca's loyalty, brings Sable home from Morocco, unleashes threats from Jason and inspires Jeff to share his inheritance; Miles discovers Channing's deceit; Zach discovers a new rival; the KGB tries to lure Kolya home.

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46. Devil's Advocate

Phillip's presence becomes a source of temptation for Francesca; Zach sets his sights on another after he gets the cold shoulder from Sable; Hoyt Parker's mistress sheds light on the mystery troubling the Colbys; Jason moves to stop Jeff from making a big mistake; a confrontation between Monica and Adrienne has unfortunate results.

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47. Betrayals

Jeff reexamines his loyalties after Jason puts Phillip on the hot seat and forces him to explain his double life; Francesca reevaluates her plans for the future; Adrienne protects herself from the Colbys; Sable is enraged by Zach's betrayal; Zach makes a deal with a new business partner.

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48. Dead End

Jason and Phillip come to blows over Phillip's betrayal; at a dinner party, Kolya makes a surprise announcement; Phillip does some dirty work for Zach; and Jeff panics when he learns his mother is missing.

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49. Crossroads

In the series finale, Jeff becomes caught up in an attempt to save his despondent mother; loved ones bring disturbing news for Jason, Monica and Miles; Phillip goes off the deep end; eerie forces take Fallon by surprise.

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