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Season Dynasty Reboot, Season 5
Num of episodes 22
Network CW
First aired 2021-12-20
Last aired
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Season 4
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It's a Christmas wish come true! Season's Greetings from Season Five of DYNASTY, back to give you the best present of all: more Carrington drama. After Eva, Fallon's scorned and lovesick assistant, shot her, Fallon lay bleeding out on the campaign gala floor with her marriage to Liam also circling the drain. Will she survive the internal damage? Will her marriage survive the external damage? It's anyone's guess...

Also racing for his life - electorally speaking - Blake steadily built a lead in the Georgia Senate race, thanks to Cristal employing a little Carrington manipulation of her own. This season, the marriage starts off in rough waters, but soon hits smooth sailing as Cristal finds herself at the helm of a new position of power. With Blake's airline soaring, it may be time for Blake and Cristal to consummate their marriage by joining together as one... business. The problem is, in this world, amassing more power just makes you more of a target for the people waiting to take you down.

Now adorned in her finest prison orange, Alexis finds herself behind bars for a crime she didn't commit. While one child – Adam – clearly was more involved than he's letting on, another child – Amanda – does her best to exonerate her mother. A game of cat and mouse ensues as Amanda looks to settle some scores with Adam, leading to a season-long rivalry. As Adam builds up his new company this year, Amanda will do whatever she can to make him suffer.

Meanwhile, while Jeff is no longer going into outer space, he's still going into dangerous places. He soon finds himself in the midst of a dangerous war that he’s not sure he can win. At the same time, Dominique looks to expand her reach in the fashion industry, giving Kirby another chance to return to a career that almost destroyed her. Culhane sets out to find an everlasting love and Sam opens his heart only to uncover a devastating family secret.

This season is all about legacy and what it means to leave something worthwhile behind. As we head towards our 100th episode, there will be no shortage of caviar and champagne, hair-pulling and pageantry, and maybe even a few new faces with old secrets ready to solidify their own dynasty.


87. Let's Start Over Again
Winter Wonderland - Fallout from Blake’s gala finally begins to settle and Blake and Cristal start to work on the next phase of his campaign. In his hour of need, Liam turns to Sam and Kirby. As Alexis remains in jail and proclaims her innocence, Amanda sets out to see who might be responsible for the murder. Adam continues to be suspicious of Amanda and the feeling is reciprocated. Meanwhile, Jeff starts to heal. Dominique doesn’t be liger anything Jeff said when he was sick but Cullhane believes their may be some truth in Jeff’s suspicions.

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88. That Holiday Spirit
A very Carrington Christmas - Carrington manor is decorated to the hilt as only the Carringtons can as all is not well at the manor. Kirby, Liam, Sam and Cullhane all deal with the recent events in very different ways. Blake and Cristal come to agreement regarding his political future. Dominique proceeds with her plans and turns to Jeff for some much needed assistance. Meanwhile Alexis remains in jail, and only Amanda seems to show any support.

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89. How Did The Board Meeting Go?
The elephant in the room - Fallon is ready to jump head-first into her former life, much to Liam’s worry. Amanda discovers something that could help Alexis’ case and recruits Kirby for assistance. Meanwhile, Culhane creates a plan for his future as Kirby and Sam decide to help, much to his chagrin. As Jeff figures out his next steps, Fallon turns to Dominique to help with a work situation. Blake throws the Carrington Gala and not all goes as expected.

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90. Go Catch Your Horse
What dreams may come - Amanda and Alexis don't see eye-to-eye on Adam and Amanda has reservations about Alexis' latest adventure. Liam finds himself in sticky situation with Culhane. Dominique presents Kirby with an opportunity, but Kirby is fearful. Meanwhile, Fallon jumps head-first into a new project and needs Sam's help. Rita needs to change course as her plan becomes thwarted by an unknowing Blake.

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91. A Little Fun Wouldn't Hurt
Work/Life balance - Fallon and Liam go to work on their new plan. As Sam works on his own work/life balance, a guest at La Mirage gives him something to think about. Culhane works diligently on a new idea for the Sahara Club. Dominique and Jeff don't see eye-to-eye on a business venture and struggle to make things work. Blake wants to do whatever is necessary to make sure his wife is happy.

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Main Cast

Recurring Cast

  • Randy J. Goodwin as Brady Lloyd
  • Geovanni Gopradi as Roberto Flores
  • Pej Vahdat as Dex Dexter

Guest Stars

  • Kara Royster as Eva