Sean Rowan

James Healey (photo shoot for season 8)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "The Siege Part I" (1987)
Last appearance "Colorado Roulette" (1988)
Portrayed by James Healey

Married to

Alexis Colby (1987-1988)

Romanced with

Leslie Carrington (1988)

Family links


Joseph Anders
Alicia Rowan


Kirby Anders
Victoria Anders



N/A (†)


 • IRA fighter (198x-198x)
 • Executive Vice President of ColbyCo (1987-1988)

If there was ever one man who could ruin the Carringtons, it was Sean Rowan. After all, he knew all their dirty secrets. His father was Joseph Anders, the Carrington major-domo. So, he knew first-hand how the Carringtons could only think of themselves, and how they could crush their opponents like ants beneath their feet. In his eyes, they had done just that. They had humiliated his sister Kirby and then drove her out of town. They had destroyed his father's life, until he could take no more and committed suicide. He wanted to extract revenge on the Carringtons, Alexis in particular.

When he entered their lives in 1987, after his release from a Dublin prison, he appeared to be just another handsome young man Alexis had attracted. He was much more; he had a sinister agenda.

In what Alexis thought to be a whirlwind romance, she married Sean in Mexico. He encouraged her to run for the Colorado governorship, while he would run ColbyCo. Blinded by love, distracted by faith, Alexis agreed. With the help of his lover, Leslie Carrington, Sean extracted his revenge by running ColbyCo into the ground.

Later, he blackmailed Dana Carrington into spying for him at Denver-Carrington, and then tried to ruin Dana and Adam's attempt to have a baby through the surrogate mother program.

With both Blake and Alexis occupied with the gubernatorial race; Sean was able to involve both Denver-Carrington and ColbyCo in his gun running scheme with his arms partner, Harry Thresher, in Natumbe, West Africa. Dex discovered Sean was somehow involved with Thresher proposing a multi-million dollar oil venture with Denver-Carrington, so Sean speeded up his plan to use the Vitron Oil deal to crush Alexis.

When he was discovered and his true identity revealed Sean took more drastic measures. He kidnapped Adam Carrington's son, then held a gun on Alexis. It was sure death for Alexis, until Dex Dexter burst in. He and Sean struggled for the gun. When it went off, one man died - Sean.

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