Sean McAllister
Sean McAllister

Charles Van Eman (photo shoot for the first season
of The Colbys)
Series information
Series The Colbys
First appearance "Moment of Truth " (1985)
Last appearance "A Family Affair " (1986)
Portrayed by Charles Van Eman

Romanced with

Bliss Colby (1985-1986)

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Zach Powers






When Bliss Colby met and fell in love with handsome Sean McAllister, she had no idea he was the nephew of her father Jason's sworn enemy, Zach Powers.

Bliss thought the young man was merely a political activist involved in working for a cleaner environment. Sean's Clean Earth Organization often clashed with Jason and Colby Enterprises. Jason warned Sean not to use Bliss to further his political aspirations. Sean, though, was using Bliss to gain information about Colby Enterprises for Zach.

Sean's relationship with Bliss became more intense, and he asked Zach to let him out of their deal, but Zach refused. Eventually, Sean revealed his true identity to both Bliss and Jason, and asked Miss Colby to marry him. Feeling betrayed, Bliss distances herself from Sean, but later, when they visit Sean's mother in a hospital, he explains to Bliss how much he owes Zach for paying for his mother's hospital expenses. Bliss understands, and soon changes her mind about Sean and his deception.

Although the two plan a wedding in Las Vegas, it never happens, and Bliss returns Sean's ring. Sean and Bliss could never get over their finger-pointing, each one blaming the other for things usually of their own doing.

They were really two immature children who, in the end, say good-bye, but remained friends.