Roger Langdon

David Hedison (photo shoot for the first
season of The Colbys)
Series information
Series The Colbys
First appearance "The Celebration" (1985)
Last appearance "Devil's Advocate" (1986)
Portrayed by David Hedison

Married to

Francesca Hamilton (1986)






Sir Roger Langdon was a good friend of Frankie’s before they finally fell in love and he wanted to do anything to make her happy. Unfortunately he had to discover almost at the same moment she accepted his proposal, that there was still a serious and threatening problem: Jason Colby.

His love was stronger than his suspicion after all and though he could get rid of the feeling that Frankie still cared for Jason in a certain way, he held on to her. He even got himself sent to Los Angeles when he noticed that she suffered from the distance between Frankie and her son Jeff. Hoping that his warning towards Jason to keep away from Frankie would be sufficient, he tried to put up with all the inconveniences.

But soon he had to realise that he had made serious mistake as the obvious tensions between Frankie and her sister Sable climaxed in a dirty trial about the question who Jeff’s father was. In spite of the fact that he had to fear for his diplomatic reputation, he kept on supporting his wife. When Jeff finally turned out to be Jason’s son and the ugly affair started to infect his political career, Frankie finally asked him to let her go for his sake, and he accepted without really grudging her for it.

When he and Jason met again about a year later, Roger even helped his former rival concerning Jason’s brother Philip, but he also made perfectly clear that he was not the fool for which everybody had taken him throughout the time. He still loved Frankie, but had managed to see through her long before Jason did.

Roger was probably one of the fairest, most decent persons of the whole family who had deserved better than being used as “second choice” to fill in.