Peter de Vilbis

Helmut Berger (photo shoot on set)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "Peter De Vilbis" (1983)
Last appearance "The Vigil" (1984)
Portrayed by Helmut Berger

Married to

Nicole Simpson (19xx-1984; his death)

Romanced with

Princess Maria Elena (198x)
Fallon Carrington (1983-1984)



N/A (†)


 • Jet setter
 • Businessman

Peter de Vilbis, handsome Brazilian millionaire, was attracted to beautiful things -- cars, horses, and most of all, women.

So it was not surprising when he met Fallon Carrington at a Hollywood race track, that the two fell deeply in love. Although her father advised caution, Fallon would learn the hard way what type of man de Vilbis really was. To Fallon, his lofty and mysterious ways attracted her like no other man before him. He could be passionate, yet dangerous.

Peter was never honest with Fallon. He was a married man (to Nicole Simpson), a drug addict, and a con man. He was more in love with her money, than he was with Fallon. When he asked her to marry him (or, rather, told the press they were engaged), Fallon accepted. When his crimes caught up with him, he ran out on Fallon.

Peter met a horrible demise when his plane crashed in 1984. Everyone mourned - not for de Vilbis, but for Fallon, whom everyone thought had perished with him.

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