Nick Toscanni
James Farentino (photo shoot for season 2)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "Alexis' secret" (1981)
Last appearance "The Cliff" (1982)
Portrayed by James Farentino

Romanced with

Fallon Carrington (1981-1982)
Krystle Carrington (1981-1982)
Susan Farragut (19xx-19xx)

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Maria Teresa "Terry" Toscanni
Giancarlo "Gianni" Mullaney






Dr. Nicholas "Nick" Toscanni was once a successful and well-respected neural surgeon, but gave it up to practice psychiatry after an injury to his hand in Vietnam kept him out of the operating room.

He came to Denver with one agenda: avenge his stepbrother Gianni's death -- and the man he held responsible was Blake Carrington. Gianni was a Denver-Carrington worker, and Nick himself was the physician for Blake's football team. By chance, Blake called upon Nick to care for Claudia Blaisdel at his estate, thus, Blake unwittingly invited the enemy into his own home.

As part of his revenge, Nick tried to seduce Blake's wife Krystle, but it was Nick who was seduced -- by Blake's daughter Fallon. Krystle, though, fought off Nick's advances, and soon after a while Fallon began to see through him. When finally confronted, Blake denied being responsible for Gianni's death, but Nick was too blind by his anger and need for revenge.

After repeated assaults, Nick attacked Blake one last time. They struggled on a trail in the Rockies, and after a rattlesnake scared Blake's horse, Nick left Blake for dead, and was never heard from again.

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