Michael Culhane

Wayne Norhtrop (photo shoot for season 1)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "Oil Part I" (1981)
Last appearance "The Sublet" (1987)
Portrayed by Wayne Norhtrop

Romanced with

Fallon Carrington (1981)
Leslie Carrington (1984)
Amanda Carrington (1986)
Alexis Colby (1986)





 • Chauffeur of Blake Carrington (1980-1981)
 • Businessman (198x-198x)

Blake Carrington's hunky chauffeur was Michael Culhane, an ambitious young man fueled by greed and ambition. When we met Michael in 1981, he was already Blake's driver. After Blake called his grown children to Denver for his wedding to Krystle Jennings, Michael embarked on a steamy affair with Blake's oldest daughter, Fallon.

Blake frowned upon this relationship, and even had hired thugs rough up Michael. But Michael could also be very useful to Blake, especially when Michael supplied Blake with corporate secrets he had picked up after sleeping with Jennifer, the secretary of Blake's business rival Cecil Colby.

However, Michael wheeled and dealed a little too much, and eventually Blake drove him out of Denver for good -- or so he thought.

Years passed and Michael resurfaced in Denver in 1986. With perfect timing, he rescued Fallon's younger sister Amanda from the burning La Mirage hotel. Grateful for saving his daughter's life, Blake offered Michael his old job back, which Michael greedily accepted.

Unknown to Blake, Michael didn't need the job. In the years he'd been away, Michael had by unknown and unscrupulous means acquired millions. While stringing Blake along, Michael began an affair with Amanda, who was enamored by her savior, despite the warnings of her father and sister.

As things continued, Blake was in need of money. Borrowing from Zach Powers, Michael turned the tables on Blake and offered to be his partner in Carrington Ventures, but Blake wouldn't take the bait. Amanda, meanwhile, realized she had been duped, and left Michael and Denver.

Although Michael entertained both Alexis Colby and Leslie Carrington, nothing really developed out of these relationships. Michael made his exit from Denver without either proving himself, or anyone noticing.

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