Mark Jennings

Geoffrey Scott (photo shoot for season 3)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "Mark" (1982)
Last appearance "The Engagement" (1984)
Portrayed by Geoffrey Scott

Married to

Krystle Grant (in the 60's/70's)

Romanced with

Fallon Carrington (1982-1983)
Alexis Colby (1982-1983)



N/A (†)


 • Tennis Player (19??-1983)
 • Bodyguard (1983-1984)

Tennis star Mark Jennings was the sort of guy who made mistakes, but always tried to learn from them. He married Krystle Grant, and the two moved to Dayton, Ohio. His tennis tournaments often took him out of town for weeks at a time. What began as a promising tennis career took a nose-dive when Mark was dropped by his circuit sponsor. Then his marriage to Krystle failed, and he divorced her in Guadalajara.

Mark pulled himself together, and started anew. He met Krystle again years later when Alexis Colby brought him to Denver, and he became the tennis pro for her daughter Fallon's hotel La Mirage. Wrestling with the past, Mark confessed the truth to Krystle -- their divorce wasn't legal. It was merely a piece of paper he purchased in a Mexican bar. They eventually divorced for real, and Mark romanced both Alexis and Fallon.

Later when Mark saved both Krystle and Alexis from a fire, Alexis rewarded him by making him her private bodyguard. In an ironic twist of fate, Alexis was arrested in 1984 as his suspected murderer. The real killer was Neal McVane, who donned a wig and a gown, sneaked up behind Mark on the terrace, and pushed him to his death. Even more ironic, Mark had just told Krystle that he was happier than he had ever been.

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