Luke Fuller
Bill Campbell (unknown photo shoot)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "The Secret" (1984)
Last appearance "The Aftermath" (1985)
Portrayed by Bill Campbell

Married to

Karen xx (198?-198?)

Romanced with

Steven Carrington (1984-1985)

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N/A (†)


Head of Colby Co's public relations department (1984-1985)

Luke Fuller was probably the great love, and the great loss, in Steven Carrington's life. Steven had had many relationships, both gay and straight, but none effected him like Luke Fuller.

Born and raised in Connecticut, divorced from a woman whom he lived with in Chicago, Luke was a handsome ColbyCo public relations executive, bright and hardworking. He was honest and open about his sexuality, and never denied the attraction he had for Steven. Steven admired this quality in Luke, for he lacked it in himself.

Steven wavered back and forth between men and women, and was always in a battle with his conscience. When he finally accepted himself, and could deny his feelings for Luke no longer, the two became lovers after taking a business trip together.

Steven took the relationship further when he made plans for he, his son Danny, and Luke to live together as a family, not giving a damn what the world would say.

Luke accompanied Steven and his family to Moldavia for Steven's sister Amanda's wedding. The happiness that results from most weddings never came with Amanda's as terrorists used it as a means to overthrow the monarchy. In the ensuing blood bath, Luke was one of the fatalities. Steven had never known a love like Luke, and has never since.

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