Joseph Anders
Joseph Anders

Lee Bergere (photo shoot for season 2)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "Oil" (1981)
Last appearance "The Bungalow" (1983)
Portrayed by Lee Bergere

Married to

Alicia Rowan

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Sean Rowan
Victoria Anders
Kirby Anders



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Majordomo of the Carrington Mansion

Handpicked by Alexis Carrington to head her household, Joseph Arlington Anders was part of the Carringtons' lives for as long as they have occupied their mansion. Joseph was a part of the Carringtons, but he wasn't a part of them, either. For example, he was Blake's toughest opponent at billiards, but he was still his servant, his major-domo. He was also initally very cold towards Blake's new wife, Krystle, but over time, they both grew to respect each other and he treated her much more kindly.

Joseph was married to Alicia Rowan, and they had three children: Sean, Victoria, and Kirby. Joseph owned a home in Denver, but with Sean and Victoria grown, and Kirby studying in the Sorbonne, he moved into the Carrington mansion.

Joseph took his duties with great seriousness. Joseph was privy to all the Carrington secrets. So much so, that he was rewarded a life-long position with the Carringtons for his silence. When Blake exiled Alexis from Denver, Joseph followed his former mistress through the many tabloid reports of her affairs with such men as Rashid Ahmed, King Galen, and Zach Powers. He dreaded the day should Alexis return, for as many secrets as he knew about her, she knew one just as just dangerous about him.

Alexis did return in 1981, and reminded Joseph she held a trump card. Things became more convoluted for Joseph when Kirby returned. Although he was happy to see her, he was displeased when she became involved with Jeff Colby. Jeff and Kirby’s love blossomed and they were soon wed. Joseph was now in the odd position of being servant to his own daughter, a predicament Kirby never considered.

Alexis' continuing harassment sent Joseph over the edge, and he trapped her in a cabin and then set fire to it in order to keep her quiet. He would do anything to protect Kirby from the truth about her mother (who was a murdering adultress). In the end, Joseph was out of control, and could bear no more. In 1983, he committed suicide in his home, dying in Blake's arms.

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