Joel Abrigore

George Hamilton (unknown photo shoot)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "The Homecoming" (1985)
Last appearance "The Accident" (1986)
Portrayed by George Hamilton

Romanced with

Rita Lesley (198x-198x)





Film Director

Joel Abrigore was a washed up director who was given the directorial opportunity of a lifetime.

When his girlfriend Rita Lesley, an aspiring actress, was convinced by her roommate Sammy Jo Reece to impersonate Sammy Jo's aunt Krystle long enough to get her hands on her inheritance, Joel couldn't let an opportunity like this go by. He had to be the one to orchestrate all the moves. It would be more challenging than any movie or play.

So he convinced the two women, and he took over. He and Sammy Jo gave Rita a complete makeover to resemble Krystle more than she already did. Lessons in Krystle's personality, and in proper etiquette followed. What was only meant for a short term took a dangerous turn when Krystle stumbled onto their scheme.

Acting fast, Joel kidnaped Krystle, and from that moment on Rita Lesley was Mrs. Blake Carrington. While Rita took over Kryslte's life, Joel was becoming infatuated with the real Mrs. Carrington. He made plans to take the money, and Krystle, and run.

By now, Sammy Jo had a change of heart, confessed her part, and helped Krystle escape. Joel and Rita fled, but Rita began arguing with Joel as he drove, and he lost the car and it crashed over a mountain.

They were thrown clear of the explosion, and somewhere in the world lurks a dangerous man and a woman with Krystle Carrington's face.

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