Gordon Thomson
Basic informations

Birth Name

William Gordon McLaren Thomson


Adam Carrington (1982-1989)

Familial informations


Unknown (1965 - 1982) divorced



Thomson was raised in Montreal and began acting while studying English at Montreal's McGill University where he graduated with honors.


His stage work landed him a place in ABC's Talent Development Program, from which he was personally chosen by Aaron Spelling for the role of Adam Carrington on "Dynasty".

Gordon Thomson was born on 2 March 1945 in Toronto and grew up in Montreal , Canada. His nickname is Gordy.

When Gordon was 18, his father left home and was killed while driving drunk with a girlfriend, prompting Thomson's mother to divorce him posthumously. The disappointments and damages have left him philosophical, and understanding of the dark side we all have.

Thomson had a genius IQ 154 and won a scholarship to a swank private prep school, where he was in the top 10 of his class - even though he didn’t study much. When the Canadian native enrolled in Montreal 's McGill University at age 18, he was headed for a more traditional career - architecture, law or whatnot. Deciding to become an actor was very late-coming as it took 17 years of struggle, mostly in Canada, before he was suddenly wandering around the Carrington Mansion every Wednesday night.

He graduated from McGill University in Montreal with an honors degree in English and appeared in dozens of stage productions (including "Godspell"). He eventually moved to the United States to continue his stage work and briefly appeared as Aristotle Benedict-White on "Ryan's Hope" before garnering the role of Adam Carrington on the primetime show "Dynasty" in 1982. He was nominated for a Golden Globe for his work on "Dynasty" in 1989, but was out of work when the show was cancelled.

From there, he landed the role of Mason on "Santa Barbara". Gordon Thomson was chosen for the role of Mason Capwell on "Santa Barbara" in October 1990. He took over the role from Terry Lester, who had opted to leave the show. In the late 1990s, he appeared as Patrick Baker on "The Young and the Restless" for a few months. He was seen as A.J. Deschanel on "Sunset Beach". He also did guest stints on such primetime shows as "Murder, She Wrote", "Silk Stalkings", "Baywatch", "The Nanny" and "Beverly Hills, 90210".

Gordon got married when he was 20 and was married for 17 years. Though he was divorced in 1982, he is proud the marriage lasted that long. He remained notoriously guarded about his relationships until 2017 when he eventually made his coming out during an interview. By his own account, Thomson lives a somewhat reclusive existence nowadays. He eschews team sports, partly because of a prohibitive leg injury and partly because he just doesn't like them. He'd rather tend to the garden outside his rented Encino, CA home, sharing his time with four dogs and a cat, reading, swimming or traveling. And enjoying his freedom.

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