Garrett Boydston
Garrett Boydston

Ken Howard (photo shoot for season 6)
Series information
Series Dynasty, The Colbys
First appearance "The Titans Part II" (1985)
Last appearance "No Exit" (1986)
Portrayed by Ken Howard

Engaged to

Dominique Deveraux (1965; 1986)

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Jackie Deveraux



Attorney in New York


Attorney at Colby Enterprises (19xx-1986)

Jason Colby’s clever and well appreciated attorney was always somewhat hard to look through. At the surface, Garrett Boydston was the ideal lawyer, a man with reason, competence and the necessary little touch of trickiness, but behind this perfect facade was at least one secret which was meant to cause him a lot of inconveniences.

When he met young Dominique Deveraux in 1965, he fell in love with her, but was afraid of any kind of tight relationship. He got himself off the hook by telling her he was married to someone called Jessica but his feelings for Dominique never really died.

Garrett finally became Jason Colby's friend and attorney at Colby Enterprises. He was in charge of the legal matters of Jason's pipeline deal with Blake Carrington and also the one who used to defend the Colby family in court.

He met Dominique again at Blake Carrington's party in Denver. Being older, more mature and still very much in love with her, he tried to revive their relationship, although Dominique was bewilderingly hesitant and aversive at first. It was an unexpected surprise when he found out that Dominique's young daughter Jackie Deveraux was his daughter, too, and for a little while it seemed as though the family would be reunited again forever.

Garrett proposed to Dominique and she accepted, but just before their engagement party Dominique learned that Garrett had never been married before. Unspeakably disappointed, Dominique felt that she couldn't forgive him for his lie and dumped him.

This blow made it impossible for Garrett to stay in L.A. and to continue his work there. He asked Jason for another job in another office of Colby Enterprises and disappeared to New York. Jackie kept trying to reconcile her parents, but without success.

One actually felt pity for Garrett that things turned out so bad for him since he was always a rather sympathetic character, but after all one can't help to state that he created at least part of his misfortune himself.

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