Francesca Colby
Katharine Ross (unknow photo shoot)
Series information
Series The Colbys
First appearance "The Celebration" (1985)
Last appearance "Crossroads" (1987)
Portrayed by Katharine Ross

Married to

Philip Colby (1955-1959) (his presumed death)
Peter Hamilton (19xx-1984)
Roger Langdon (1985-1986)

Engaged to

Jason Colby (1987-?)

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Jeff Colby


LB Colby
Lauren Colby


Sable Colby


Alexis Colby
Caress Morell



Chief of Protocol for I.M.O.S.



Francesca "Frankie" Scott’s life started to have its ups and downs when her parents divorced and she had to leave her mother and sister for Los Angles. She and Sable were reunited in boarding school in Europe, but their different characters showed already then.

At the age of seventeen, Frankie married Philip Colby, but their marriage never got much of a chance to develop, since Philip had to go to Vietnam. Frankie saw him three more times before he disappeared and was presumed dead. Lonely and bored, she fell in love with Philip's elder brother Jason. A one-night-stand with him resulted in the birth of Jeff, whom Frankie believed was Philip's son.

But life was difficult for young Frankie, so her brother-in-law, Cecil, offered her to take Jeff to Denver and give him every privilege he deserved. They agreed on this deal, and a couple of years later Frankie found a diplomat, Peter Hamilton, whom she married. As she traveled around the world with Peter, contact with her son was limited to birthday gifts and letters. This happy but childless marriage was brought to an abrupt end when Peter was killed in Beirut in 1984.

In 1986, Frankie moved back to California to be with Jeff. His negative attitude hurt her very much, and it took some time until she could make him see why she had to act the way she had. Although she discovered that she was still in love with Jason, she ignored her feelings and married Roger Langdon. Frankie was shocked about the fact that Jeff was Jason’s son, which was revealed during a trial Miles and Sable had filed against Jeff. The scandal broke her marriage with Roger and turned her sister more or less into her enemy.

Still, Frankie and Jason got closer. When she wanted to marry him in 1987, Philip surprisingly turned up again. Frankie now got between the lines, as she realized that she couldn't make up her mind about the two men. This difficulty developed into a suicide attempt and even a kidnapping and a tragic car accident, in which Frankie was badly injured (The Colbys final episode). It was mentioned on the last season of "Dynasty" that Frankie ran off with Jason so one can assume she survived the car accident.

Actually she was someone whom one had to pity for her bitter fate and her bad luck with men, but on the other hand she sometimes gave the impression that she she had a not less tricky mind than her sister.

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