Danny Carrington

Jameson Sampley (screen capture from season 6)
Series information
Series Dynasty, The Reunion
First appearance "Samantha" (1983)
Last appearance "The Reunion" (1991)
Portrayed by Matthew Lawrence (beginning of season 5)

Jameson Sampley (rest of season 5, seasons 6 to 8)
Justin Burnette (season 9, The Reunion)

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Steven Carrington
Sammy Jo Reece


Blake Carrington (grand-father)
Alexis Colby (grand-mother)
Daniel Reece (grand-father)
Iris Grant (grand-mother)
Adam Carrington (uncle)
Fallon Carrington (aunt)
Amanda Carrington (aunt)
Krystina Carrington (aunt)


LB Colby
Lauren Colby

One thing Danny Carrington can believe in is the fact that he is loved. His family might bicker between themselves, but they always put Danny first. Steven Daniel Carrington, jr. was born in 1982 in California. His mother, Sammy Jo, was estranged from his father, Steven, at the time. Sammy Jo was at the time only thinking about herself, and dumped Danny on Blake and Krysle. Krystle was overjoyed, for she had recently suffered a miscarriage and was advised against conceiving again.

Then, Steven returned after an accident and met his son for the first time. He wanted to be the best father he could be to Danny, and even went as far as going to New York to make amends with Sammy Jo. She refused, and Steven was willing to raise Danny as a single parent. Everyone, however, was against Steven. Sammy Jo and Blake wanted Danny raised in a straight family, not by a gay single father; Krystle wanted to keep Danny to fill the void in her life; and Alexis was against everyone. A custody suit followed, and Steven was awarded custody after he married Claudia Blaisdel.

The two provided Danny with everything, and Claudia was a profound influence on Danny. He grew up with his cousins, L.B. and Lauren, and aunt (strangely enough), Krystina.

Sammy Jo eventually discovered what was missing from her life, her child, and tried to get custody of the boy. Eventually she and Steven made an arrangement so they could share custody. Spite their wild arguments, Danny always came first. During the custody battles, headlines read, "WHO WILL GET DANNY?" It's pretty obvious, everyone wanted him, and everyone loved Danny.

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