Daniel Reece
Daniel Reece
Rock Hudson (photo shoot for season 5)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "That Holiday Spirit" (1984)
Last appearance "Sammy Jo" (1985)
Portrayed by Rock Hudson

Romanced with

Iris Carrington (196x)
Krystle Carrington (1984-1985)

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Sammy Jo Reece



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 • Owner of Delta Rho
 • Owner of the Denver Chronicle
 • Member of the Board of Trustees of Cheney Hospital
 • Mercenary

Daniel Reece could best be described as an enigma. On the outside, he appeared to the public as a millionaire horse trainer, owner of Delta Rho stables, and humanitarian. But that was the public image. Inside, he was a complex human being.

Daniel Reece was rich, handsome, and irresistible. He had an affair with Krystle Carrington's sister Iris Grant while he was working in their hometown of Dayton, Ohio. The product of this affair was a daughter, Samantha Josephine ("Sammy Jo"). Iris never told anyone about Sammy Jo's real father, except for Krystle. She never told Daniel, nor Frank Dean, her husband. Daniel and Iris went their separate ways, and Frank Dean believed the child to be his. Daniel and Iris never saw each other again, for Iris died not long after.

Daniel went on to amass a large fortune. This must have bored him, for he became a mercenary. He sought adventure and risked his life on many occasions for the things he considered just and right. Along the way he met up with Vietnam veteran Dex Dexter, and the two shared many adventures.

A chance encounter at Christmas 1984 reunited Daniel with Krystle. At first, Krystle was angry with Daniel for wanting to be in her life again. Realizing Daniel knew nothing about his child, Krystle kept silent. As they rediscovered their friendship, Daniel introduced Krystle to horse-trainig, which only heightened her love for horses.

The close friendship they enjoyed was taken too seriously by Blake. He confronted Reece, who reassured both Blake and Krystle that he only wanted to be friends, to which the Carringtons conceded.

Soon, Krystle felt it best to tell Daniel the truth about Sammy Jo. Krystle arranged a meeting between the two, and Daniel realized Sammy Jo was as wild as any filly he'd ever trained.

After this odd encounter, Daniel undertook one last mission. He always knew that each adventure could be his last. And this one was. Daniel died in 1985. His will named Krystle executor of his estate. Although Sammy Jo would inherit his millions, Krystle would be there to supervise. Most unfortunately, Daniel Reece never lived to see the beautiful, responsible woman his daughter grew into.

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