Dana Waring

Leann Hunley (photo shoot for season 8)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "Reward" (1986)
Last appearance "Broken Krystle" (1988)
Portrayed by Leann Hunley

Married to

Adam Carrington (1987-1988)

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Executive secretary for Denver Carrington (19xx-1988)

Dana Bethany Waring grew up not knowing the awkward young man she knew in Billings, Montana was really Adam Carrington, the heir to the Carrington Empire. Dana knew Adam as Michael Torrance, the troubled young grandson of widowed Kate Torrance. Dana, then fifteen years old, befriended Michael, and one night at a wild party conceived his child. Michael had a drug problem, and was counseled by family friend Dr. Jonas Edwards. Dana knew Michael didn't have room for her in his life, nor for their child, so she opted for an abortion. To her misfortune, it left her unable to have any more children.

Years passed and Dana found herself working at Denver-Carrington, where she met Michael again. At first Adam failed to recognize Dana, but she knew from the beginning that Adam and Michael were the same man. They rediscovered their feelings for each other and married in 1987. They faced many obstacles as outside forces stood in their way of happiness -- Ben Carrington, Neal McVane, and Sean Rowan. First, Ben Carrington harassed Dana at Denver-Carrington. Next, Neil McVane blackmailed Adam sending him in a drunken rage that almost spoiled their relationship. In the end, there was Sean.

Hoping a child would bring stability, and an heir, the couple tried to conceive, but failed. When Dana learned the reason was her abortion, she was devastated, but had to tell Adam the truth. Although he was hurt, Adam understood and found forgiveness. The two hired Karen Atkinson, a surrogate mother, and entered into a contract with her. Unfortunately, Karen wasn't only a problem because of her attractiveness (Dana was seriously jealous of her!), but she also reneged on her end of the deal.

After giving birth to a son, she kept the baby, and was awarded full custody, after Dana had to admit that she thought that child belonged with its biological mother. Adam blamed everyone but himself, and it was more than Dana could take. After one last night of passion with Adam, Dana slipped out of the lives of the Carringtons.

The two were plagued with problems from the beginning, so she slipped out of the Carrington mansion one night, and divorced Adam, whom she still loved.

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