Constance Colby
Barbara Stanwyck (photo shoot for the first season
of The Colbys)
Series information
Series The Colbys, Dynasty
First appearance "The Californians" (1985)
Last appearance "Checkmate" (1986)
Portrayed by Barbara Stanwyck

Married to

XX Patterson (?-?) (his death)

Engaged to

Hutch Corrigan (?-1987) (their deaths)

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Andrew Colby
XX Colby


Cecil Colby
Jason Colby
Philip Colby



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 • Member of the Board of Directors of Colby Enterprises (?-1985; owned 50% of the company's majority common stock)
 • Executive at Colby Enterprises (prior to her father's death)
 • Sits on various committees and charities

Constance "Connie" Colby Patterson was the oldest of Andrew Colby's four children and had always had a talent to manage both business-life and family affairs very casually with determination, a charming cleverness and a strong sense of optimism, although her life had its crises, too.

Constance, who was born in the early twenties, was the only one who always defended her youngest brother Philip, concerning his rows and other debaucheries. She even tried to stay in contact with her brother Cecil, who had been cut off by her father and left the family. Her very happy marriage, which lasted 20 years until her husband died, remained unfortunately without children. But she had never really forgotten about Philip's son Jeffrey, whom she gave her 50% share of Colby Enterprises in 1985, in order to make up for the family's indifference towards her nephew through all the years.

Connie was also responsible for bringing Frankie back to support Jeff in California. At this time, Connie was involved with a man called Hutch Corrigan, a former rodeo-rider, whom she had never told she was a rich lady. A few of Sable's schemes almost broke the wonderful relationship, but Hutch finally accepted Connie as wealthy Constance Colby Patterson. Although Connie never got along with Sable, she had good relationships to both Jason, Frankie, Fallon and Jeff.

In 1986, Hutch and Connie went on a trip during which they accidentally ran into Philip Colby, who was still alive, but in serious financial trouble. Connie helped him without telling Jason, but after a plane crash later on, they both died under mysterious circumstances. Connie’s death was a bitter loss to Jason, but also to Jeff and Fallon, who owed their reunion to her.

Constance was, in spite of her life as a very rich and powerful lady, a wonderful, fair and caring woman to the people she loved, but also a very tough and clever adversary to her enemies.

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