Colby Enterprises
Colby enterprises
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Dynasty, The Colbys

First appearance

"The Man" (1985)

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"Crossroads" (1987)

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Los Angeles, CA


Jason Colby

Colby Enterprises is a privately held company. As of 1986, Colby Enterprises' assets were estimated to be slightly over $42 billion dollars.

Colby International headquarters are located in Los Angeles, at the Colby Towers. Establishing shots came from the First Interstate Tower, 707 West Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California.

The corporation also has offices in New York, Houston, London, Paris, Lagos, Singapore, Caracas, Buenos Aires and Tokyo.


Colby PropertiesEdit

Based in San Francisco. In 1985, its gross earnings were $720 million dollars.

Colby IndustriesEdit

Based in Houston. In 1985, its gross earnings were $642 million dollars.

Colby Aerospace LabsEdit

Based in San Jose. In 1985, its gross earnings were $5 billion dollars.

Colby TimberEdit

Based in Eureka, California. In 1985, its gross earnings were $22 thousand dollars. Colby Timber is where Jason's "granddad" started the family business.

Colby PetroleumEdit

Based in California, with oil wells in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, southern California and the North Sea. In 1985, its gross earning were $23 billion dollars.

Colby Marine TransportationEdit

Based in California, it has a tanker fleet capacity of 1.6 million dead weight tons. Projected earnings are detected to double in 1987 with the joint venture with Denver Carrington.


Board of DirectorsEdit