Clay Fallmont

Ted McGinley (photo shoot for season 7)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "Masquerade" (1986)
Last appearance "Shadow Play" (1987)
Portrayed by Ted McGinley

Married to

Sammy Jo Reece (1986; annuled)

Romanced with

Amanda Carrington (1986)
Leslie Carrington (1987)

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Buck Fallmont
Emily Fallmont


Bart Fallmont





Laborer on the pipeline

One would think that with his charm, sophistication, and dashing good looks, Clayburn "Clay" Fallmont wouldn't have a care in the world. But that was far from the truth. He was the playboy son of a wealthy political family, but tragedy would follow the happy-go-lucky young man. Clay grew up knowing the animosity between his family and the Carringtons. His father, Senator Buck Fallmont, leaned toward Clay's brother Bart and pushed him to follow in his footsteps, while Clay, mother's favorite, was more of a free spirit, and this was not approved of in his father's eyes.

Clay had his first encounter with the Carringtons when he went to work for Dex Dexter, building the Carrington-Colby pipeline. Clay, who always had an eye for the ladies, found himself attracted the Carrington women. Despite the objections from his father and Bart (whom Adam Carrington had just scandalized as a homosexual, crushing his political aspirations), Clay found himself involved with Amanda Carrington. This was a short-lived affair, but Clay wasn't without for long as Sammy Jo Reece was waiting in the wings.

This relationship grew and Sammy Jo found herself pregnant. Clay was unwilling to forfeit his playboy status, but eventually conceded and married Sammy Jo, much to the disappointment of his family. The honeymoon was short as Clay faced heartbreak when his mother Emily, died after being struck by a car. He barely had time to grieve for his mother when Sammy Jo discovered that her pregnancy was false. She asked Clay for an annulment.

Clay buried himself in his work and developed a love/hate relationship with his new co-worker, Leslie Carrington. Soon they exchanged kisses instead of barbs, and Clay thought he'd finally met the woman of his dreams. But his dreams became a nightmare when it was discovered his lover could he his sister. Blood tests were inconclusive, Clay could be the son of either Buck Fallmont or Ben Carrington, Leslie's father. Tortured, Clay said a bitter good-bye to Leslie and left Denver for a new life in Canada. The unfortunate story of Clay and Leslie was one of the most tragic told in the Carrington Dynasty.

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