Cecil Colby
Lloyd Bochner (photo shoot for season 2)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "Oil" (1981)
Last appearance "The Wedding" (1982)
Portrayed by Lloyd Bochner

Married to

Alexis Colby (1982)

Romanced with

Fallon Carrington (1981)

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Andrew Colby
XX Colby


Constance Colby
Jason Colby
Philip Colby



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 • CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ColbyCo (?-1982; Owned 100% of the company's common stock)
 • Shareholder in Denver Carrington (Owned 47% of the common stock at his death)

Cecil Baldwin Colby, the longtime Chairman of the Board of ColbyCo Oil, was the black sheep of the mighty Colby family. Andrew Colby fathered four children: Constance, Cecil, Jason, and Philip.

While Constance was the peacemaker, Jason was the darling son, and Philip was the ne'er-do-well, Cecil was a shrewd businessman, manipulative and scheming, but also charming and smooth. He made just as many dealings in the bedroom as he did in the boardroom. Cecil's double-crossings and dirty dealings eventually disgusted Andrew to the point where he disinherited his son. Although Cecil had built ColbyCo into his own empire, he was written out of Andrew's will, and the rest of the family fortune.

Cecil moved to Denver and continued running and building ColbyCo, while his best friend, Blake Carrington, was just starting out in the oil business. Cecil even stood as Blake's best man when he married Alexis Morell. But while Blake spent long days in the oil fields, and nights in classes at the Colorado School of Mines. The beautiful and seductive Alexis was a lonely woman and Cecil betrayed his friendship with Blake to satisfy the lusty woman's wants.

Soon after, Philip was reported missing in Vietnam, and presumed dead, and to help Philip's wife, Francesca, Cecil agreed to raise her young son Jeff. Now, Cecil Colby had an heir, so Cecil raised Jeff at his large estate, Nine Oaks, "next door" to the Carringtons. Cecil gave Jeff the best of everything, but they had about no contact with their Colby relatives in LA, so to Jeff, uncle Cecil was his only living relative.

Although ColbyCo was still bigger, Blake's Denver-Carrington was starting to catch up, and Cecil turned into Blake's bitter enemy. He once even went as far as arranging a bomb explosion which temporarily cost Blake his eyesight.

Cecil gained a powerful ally when Alexis Carrington returned to Denver, as passion and greed drew them closer to each other. Unfortunately, his health was getting poor, and just before their planned wedding in 1982, he had a hart attack. The wedding, however, took place. Cecil married Alexis from his hospital bed, but minutes later suffered a fatal coronary. ColbyCo was divided in two between Alexis and Jeff, and Cecil's death made Alexis the richest woman in Colorado.

He left her wealth, power and at last: The prayer that she would carry on his agenda to destroy Blake Carrington at all costs...

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