The Reunion
Season 10 (mini-series)
Num of episodes 2 (x 90 min)
Network ABC
First aired 1991-10-20 (part I)
Last aired 1991-10-22 (part II)
Ratings 15th - 16.8 - 23,000,000 viewers (part I)
17th - 15.3 - 20,300,000 viewers (part II)
DVD edition To be announced
Season chronology
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Season 9

The May 1989 series finale of Dynasty had left John Forsythe's oil tycoon Blake Carrington shot by a corrupt policeman, his beloved wife Krystle (Linda Evans) in an off-screen coma, and his conniving ex-wife Alexis Colby (Joan Collins) plunging from a balcony. The Reunion picks up two years later as Blake — having survived the shooting but then convicted for the death of his attacker — is pardoned and released from prison.

Krystle has awakened from her coma during the two-year gap and returns to Denver where she finds out the mansion is on auction. In California, she is reunited with an overjoyed Blake. Steven (Al Corley) is now an environmental lobbyist in Washington, D.C. and in a relationship with Bart Fallmont (recast with Cameron Watson). Blake's daughter Fallon (Emma Samms) has split with both her husband Jeff Colby (John James) and her lover John Zorelli and reunited with Miles Colby (Maxwell Caulfield), with whom she had a former relationship some years earlier. Fallon is also raising her two children and Blake and Krystle's daughter, Krystina. Meanwhile, Sammy Jo (Heather Locklear) — having lost her fortune — is once again modeling in New York and has an affair with Arlen Marshall (Michael Brandon), a married man who owns a fashion company, "Fashion Fury". On the catwalk for "Fashion Fury", Sammy Jo soon comes in contact with the company's newest investor: her ex-mother-in-law Alexis, who survived the fall from the balcony two years earlier after falling on Dex Dexter (whose fate was never made definitively clear, but simply stated he "was not as lucky").

It soon becomes clear that Blake's downfall had been orchestrated by The Consortium, a mysterious organization which now controls Denver-Carrington. The most insidious part of their plan comes to fruition as Krystle, brainwashed before her return, is compelled to make an attempt on Blake's life. Her love for Blake allows her to resist and overcome the programming, but The Consortium kidnaps Jeff. Miles, Blake's eldest son Adam (Robin Sachs) and Jeff's ex-wife Kirby Anders (Kathleen Beller) to rescue him. Despite Adam's involvement in The Consortium's takeover, he and Blake reconcile their differences. Adam and Kirby also rekindle their past romance and Blake regains control of Denver-Carrington after Adam testifies on his behalf.

The Carringtons reunite at the mansion as secret Consortium leader Jeremy Van Dorn (Jeroen Krabbé, who is romantically involved with a clueless Alexis, attempts to both gain control of her company ColbyCo and kill her. He drags her to the garage and tries to asphyxiate her with carbon monoxide fumes from one of the cars parked inside, but she is rescued by Adam, as Van Dorn escapes (he is taken away by the police who are actually members of the Consortium in disguise). Fallon realizes she still loves Jeff and leaves Miles for him yet again. Blake and Krystle hold a family celebration at the mansion to which even Alexis is invited. After Blake makes a toast to his family, the miniseries ends as he and Krystle dance together, happy at last.

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