Caress Morell
Kate O'Mara (photo shoot for season 6)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "Suspicions" (1986)
Last appearance "The Letter" (1986)
Portrayed by Kate O'Mara

Romanced with

Zach Powers (late 70's)

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Steven Morell
XX Morell


Alexis Colby


Sable Colby
Francesca Colby
Rosalind Bedford



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 • Writer
 • Worked as society columnist for the Denver Mirror (1986)

The younger sister of Alexis Colby is Cassandra Morell. Growing up in the shadow of her sister caused strife between “Cassie” and Alexis. Yes, they shared good times, but more often than not, there were too many bad times. When Blake Carrington was courting Alexis, Cassie stood back, watched, and observed. She saw events unfold between the Carringtons, the Colbys, and the Fallmonts, and she made notes.

Years later, the Morell sisters became involved with Zach Powers. Alexis and Zach let Cassie take the fall for them in some unrevealed circumstances linked to the death of Zach's wife, and Cassie was sent to prison in Caracas, Venezuela.

Alone in her cell, an angry Cassie put down on paper all the things she had seen. Vengeance wouldn't wait for the Lord; it would belong to Cassandra. When released early, “Caress” -- as she now went by (“They named me Cassandra. I hated it. My name is Caress.”) -- went straight to a publisher and presented her manuscript, "Sister Dearest," the sizzling exposé of America's most powerful woman was set for publication. News soon reached Alexis, and thinking fast, she bought the publishing company and gained the rights to Caress' book.

Caress knew Alexis and Ben Carrington were up to no good, and when she realized they had committed perjury in their case against Blake, Caress set out to expose them. She knew Emily Fallmont fit into the picture and set out to confirm her suspicions. Before she could put her detective skills to use, Ben had Caress put back in prison so his affair with Emily wouldn't be exposed. She managed to get word to Blake, and he sent Dex Dexter and Clay Fallmont to bust her out of jail. Caress returned and pushed Emily into making a confession and exposed Alexis and Ben.

Blake wasn't happy at all about the fact that Caress's blackmailing had pushed Emily Fallmont not only to confess, but also into an accident in which she was killed, so he gave her money and asked to leave Denver. Vindicated, Caress Morell could finally step out of the shadow of her sister dearest.

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