Brady Lloyd
Brady Lloyd

Billy Dee Williams (photo shoot for season 5)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "Disappearance" (1984)
Last appearance "Triangles" (1985)
Portrayed by Billy Dee Williams

Married to

Dominique Deveraux (1973-1985)

Family links


Jackie Deveraux (step-father)





 • Co-owner of Titania Records
 • Shareholder and member of the board at Deveraux Group Incorporated

Brady Lloyd was already one of the recording industries top executives when he met and fell in love with singer Dominique Deveraux. He nurtured her career and made her a success. He gave Dominique the best of everything.

Brady was stong and chic, and Dominique was every bit his equal. Together, they made beautiful music. He, Dominique, and her daughter Jackie had it all. But Dominique craved one more thing, to be recognized as a Carrington.

Brady was strong-willed, determined, and one-sided. He failed to see why Dominique would want to give up so much -- so much that he had given her. Although he had given her recognition, he couldn't give her the true recognition she desired.

Their love soured, and Brady left Dominique and filed for divorce in 1985. Although Krystle urged Dominique to call Brady when Dominique fell ill, Dominique knew Brady was gone, gone forever.

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