Ben Carrington
Christopher Cazenove (photo shoot for season 6)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "Ben" (1986)
Last appearance "Shadow Play" (1987)
Portrayed by Christopher Cazenove

Married to

Melissa Saunders (?-?)

Romanced with

Vera Nesbitt (?-?)
Alexis Colby (1986)

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Leslie Carrington


Tom Carrington
Ellen Lucy Carrington


Blake Carrington
Dominique Deveraux



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 • Vice-President of Denver Carrington (1986)
 • Foreman in Australia
 • Worked in a casino at Macao

Benjamin Carrington is the Blake Carrington's younger brother. They grew up together in Pennsylvania with their parents, the late Tom and Ellen Carrington. Ben's mother became an invalid in 1954, and died in a fire while in Ben's care. Ben was having an affair with Emily Fallmont at the time, while her husband, Buck, was on the campaign trail. This later resulted in a lot of intrigues. Ben double-crossed both Blake and Jason Colby in business dealings, but Jason's sister Constance had fond memories of him.

Ben was written out of Tom Carrington's will because Tom held his son responsible for Ellen's death, and the exiled Ben fled to Australia. He married Melissa Saunders and they had a daughter, Leslie. In 1971, Melissa eventually walked out on Ben and took Leslie with her. Although Ben tried to find his wife and daughter, he was unsuccessful. Later he became involved with Vera Nesbitt, and they were both involved in some shady business dealings.

Ben stayed in Australia until his ex-sister-in-law,Alexis, brought him to Denver, where the two in 1986 challenged Tom's will. Ben and Alexis succeeded in robbing Blake of his empire and soon Ben clashed with Blake, his children, and Dominique, the sister he never knew he had. Later he was also clashing with Alexis. Sensing Ben's increasing power over her, Alexis sent her son Adam to Australia to dig up dirt on Ben. Leslie was also looking for Ben, and followed Adam back to Denver and confronted her father, holding him responsible for Melissa's death.

With help from Caress Morell, Blake later regained his empire, but at a hefty price: The death of Emily Fallmont. The hostile relationship between the two Carrington brothers turned in 1987, when Ben risked his life to save Blake's on a burning oil rig. This resulted in a reconciliation between Ben and the whole family, including Leslie, leading him to become a better and kinder man.

Unfortunately, the happiness disappeared again when the scandal about Ben's affair with Emily Fallmont was blown up (for details, read Leslie's bio). Ben felt he had hurt too many people and thought everyone would be happier without him. So, in 1987, Ben bid a bittersweet farewell to all the family he had. But not before Leslie forgave him for the affair.

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