Ashley Mitchell

Ali Mac Graw (photo shoot for season 5)
Series information
Series Dynasty
First appearance "Foreign Relations" (1985)
Last appearance "Royal Wedding" (1985)
Portrayed by Ali Mac Graw

Married to

Lord Maynard Mitchell (19xx-197x)

Romanced with

Blake Carrington (1985)
Jeff Colby (1985)



N/A (†)


 • Socialite
 • Photographer

New England born Ashley Mitchell had everything a woman could desire: fame, wealth, and a rewarding career. Only one thing was missing -- a man. She was the widow of Lord Maynard Mitchell, a British ambassador to Paris. She was his "Yankee Rose". When Maynard died in the mid-1970s, Ashley found herself with a $180 million inheritance, and began a new life as a single woman.

Maynard was a friend of American businessman Cecil Colby and Ashley had entertained Cecil and his young nephew Jeff on several occasions. In 1979, she met Colby's business rival, Blake Carrington, at a Vienna Oil Conference. Ashley found herself attracted to the Denver oilman. They met again six years later in Paris, and Ashley helped Blake in some business negotiations. The two continued to cross paths, and Ashley began to act on her impulses.

Unknown to the two of them, Blake's daughter-in-law Sammy Jo Reece tried to exploit their relationship. She hired sleazy private investigator Morgan Hess to photograph the two in compromising situations, and then send the photos to her aunt Krystle. At the same time, they sent photos of Krystle and Daniel Reece to Blake.

Krystle became suspicious since Ashley was a world-known photographer, and had taken up residence in Denver since Blake allowed Ashley to use him as a subject for a photo essay in World Finance Magazine. Soon, Ashley realized Blake's love for Krystle was too deep, and she turned her sentiments elsewhere.

Realizing Jeff wasn't her friend Cecil's little nephew any longer, but was now one of the most eligible bachelors around, she embarkell on a short May-December romance with Jeff, which became even more: Jeff asked Ashley to marry him, but she refused, recognizing that Jeff's heart was still with Fallon. Then one day, Jeff noticed a familiar face in one of Ashley's photographs -- his beloved (and presumed to be dead) wife Fallon. Ashley and Jeff stayed close, and accompanied each other to Moldavia for Fallon's sister Amanda's wedding to Prince Michael. Moldavian terrorists used the opportunity to overthrow the monarchy. Ashley acted quickly and grabbed her camera. Unfortunately, they were the last pictures she would take. She was laid to rest next to Maynard in England.

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