Arlen Marshall

Michael Brandon (photo shoot on set)
Series information
Series The Reunion
First appearance "The Reunion (1991) Part I" (1991)
Last appearance "The Reunion (1991) Part II" (1991)
Portrayed by Michael Brandon

Married to

Carol Marshall (19xx-?)

Romanced with

Sammy Jo Reece (1991)





Manager of Fashion Fury

Fashion Fury was one of the leading fashion companies of the 1990s, and the man behind it was Arlen Marshall.

Alexis Colby wanted a piece of the action in 1991 ("The Reunion"), and used Jeremy Van Dorn to help her get what she wanted. Arlen wasn't easy to get to, and had no interest in Alexis.

Although he needed her and her financial support, another woman stood in the way. No, it wasn’t his wife Carol, but Sammy Jo Reece. Sammy Jo had returned to modeling after losing her ranch, and Arlen turned her into one of the top super models of the 90s.

However, Alexis always wins in the end, and with Carol's help, Alexis booted Sammy Jo, and had both Fashion Fury and Arlen Marshall right where she wanted. Any objections?

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